'Sister Wives' Cast Have Reportedly Run Into Filming Problems in Flagstaff

The cast of Sister Wives apparently didn’t investigate local filming restrictions when they decided to move to Flagstaff, Arizona. While the family allegedly liked the inclusive vibe of the small town for their home base, it doesn’t seem to be particularly friendly to their ongoing reality TV show. Cameras have been spotted the family filming in Chicago, where Mariah Brown is based, yet they haven’t shown up in the Browns’ new city of residence, and some fans think local restrictions and neighbor complaints are to blame.

Why was filming easy in Las Vegas?

When the Brown family first moved to Las Vegas, they filmed all over the city. The massive metropolis is no stranger to filming. In fact, several reality shows have been based in Sin City. Since there was a significant history of filming, the red tape is a lot less complicated. Some cities happen to be rather filming friendly. Las Vegas is one of those towns.

The state of Nevada offers incentives for shows and movies to film in their state. Tax credits, bonuses, and incentives are provided to filmmakers who qualify, according to the Nevada Film Office. Additionally, the state runs an entire website dedicated to filming locations.

Is Arizona less film friendly?

According to Premium Beat, Arizona currently offers zero incentives for filmmakers. In fact, it seems that much of the state is pretty against the concept of filming, and Flagstaff seems to be no different. While the Brown family loved the laidback vibe of the small city, that might be the exact reason they are encountering problems.

When the family first rolled into town, neighbors noted that they weren’t concerned about the family’s lifestyle, but they were worried that filming could bring unwanted attention to their quiet and picturesque neighborhoods. One neighbor who lives close to the Browns’ parcel of land was extremely concerned about the environmental impact that filming could have on the natural surroundings.

Flagstaff isn’t exactly embracing the Brown family

While many people are engrossed by reality TV families, living nearby apparently isn’t a dream. A Reddit user alleged that the city of Flagstaff and its residents weren’t exactly happy about their new neighbors. While they are okay with the alternative lifestyle they live, the unwanted attention on their properties has raised serious concern. The fan that is allegedly in the know even claims the family might be looking for a completely different hometown now that the cat is out of the bag.

Two of the four properties that the family is renting are also no film zones. Filming is only allowed in Robyn’s home and Christine’s house. Robyn’s landlord is allegedly completely onboard with filming, and Christine purchased her home after she couldn’t find a pet-friendly option. Jenelle and Meri, however, are currently living in homes that have denied the film crew access.

Will a new season happen considering the constraints?

It looks like the filming troubles aren’t stopping thefamily from moving forward with the next season of their reality TV shows.Crews have been spotted filming the family in other locations, particularlylocales across state lines.

Meri, Kody and the sister wives were spotted visiting Mariah and her fiancé, Audrey, in Chicago. They were also seen in Disneyland. It looks like the crew is just going to need to get a bit more creative with the storylines they develop for the newest season.

That might not be a bad thing for fans of the show. While Season 13 focused almost entirely on the family’s move from Nevada to Flagstaff, it looks like fresh material is coming. Don’t worry, though, the overly emotional interview segments will still be part of every episode. The family has rented a warehouse for that exact purpose.

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