Sister Wives star Janelle Brown helps Christine with clothing sale instead of family outcast Meri

SISTER Wives star Janelle Brown joined Christine for a live clothing sale on Friday instead of helping out family outcast Meri.

Kody Brown’s first wife Meri, 49, and third wife Christine, 48, both sell LuLaRoe clothing on their separate websites and private Facebook groups.

On Friday night, second wife Janelle, 50, joined Christine for one of her live sales to help get more viewers. 

Christine captioned a photo of the duo: “Look who’s helping me tonight! See you in a few minutes! Having fun with Janelle!”

Meanwhile, Meri has been offering free rice crispy treats with purchases to encourage fans to buy her clothes. 

Meri and Christine have been in competition for years. 

While Meri leads the way with over 101,000 Facebook followers in her LuLaRoe group, Christine has been actively pushing sales to her more than 34,000 customers.

Christine holds Facebook Live sales on weekends, while Meri typically only has sales Monday to Friday.

Christine also offers free shipping on outfits to her customers at times.

While Janelle and Christine have a close relationship, as they also work out together, Meri is considered the outcast of the family. 

On the most recent season of Sister Wives, Meri returned to Las Vegas alone to temporarily live after she was kicked out of her Arizona rental because neighbors were against her polygamous lifestyle.

Fans questioned why Meri didn’t stay with one of her sister wives, who all have multiple bedrooms.

Janelle explained over Twitter: “Meri runs a business that takes a lot of room and we have all moved into smaller homes compared to what we had. The bedrooms are full. We didn’t have an option.”

But fans didn’t buy it, as fourth wife Robyn, who shares five children with Kody, lived in a seven-bedroom rental at the time.

Last season, Meri accused Christine of leaving her out.

She told her: “You don’t want me around.”

Christine responded in her confessional: “She comes in the room heavy, bringing a lot of baggage with her. I don’t know what to do with it.”

On a past tell-all special, Kody admitted they “don’t cohabitate” and he doesn’t want to be intimate with Meri.

Meri has also considered leaving the family in the past, but stayed because of her daughter Mariah, 25.

What happened with Meri and Kody Brown from Sister Wives?

Kody divorced Meri to marry his “favorite” sister wife Robyn so he could adopt her three children.

Kody and Meri’s marriage has been on the rocks for years, as she has contemplated several times leaving the family on the TLC series.

She was recently spotted without her wedding ring and on a weight-loss journey, documenting her progress on her Instagram.

Their relationship issues continue today.

Meri has sparked split rumors in recent months when she posted cryptic quotes and shared photos without her wedding ring on. 

To make matters worse, fans suspect Kody has been in quarantine with “favorite” wife Robyn, as he has been spotted with the other wives only a handful of times since March.

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