Spider-Man Far From Home post-credits scene: Were [SPOILER] never SNAPPED?

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR SPIDER-MAN FAR FROM HOME AHEAD. The post-credits scene for the Avengers Endgame sequel saw Nick Fury and Maria Hill driving along, only to be revealed as Skrulls Talos and Soren from Captain Marvel. It turned out for the entirety of Spider-Man Far From Home the real Fury and Hill had been elsewhere. In fact, Fury was revealed to be on vacation on a Skrull ship in Space, But the question remains, was this swap just during the events of Spider-Man Far From Home?

After all, if Talos has been pretending to be Fury for longer this means that perhaps he and Soren were snapped instead of the real Fury and Hill.

Reddit user tfcfreak23 argues: “Okay hear me out. Fury was never snapped, the Skrulls were.

“In Captain Marvel, he says everyone calls him Fury, and then throughout FFM, Hill was calling him Nick (which makes sense as they turned out to be Skrulls)

“In the post-credit scene for Infinity War, Hill calls him Nick as she fades.”


Certainly, this scene was somewhat baffling as for all fans know Nick Fury and Talos swapped places in 1995 at the end of Captain Marvel.

Maybe Talos and Soren have been working for S.H.I.E.L.D. for the last two decades?

Arguably this was a lazy plot device that leaves Fury and Hill’s roles feeling pretty pointless and makes the future use of this plot device, inspired somewhat by Marvel Comics’ Secret Invasion, concerning.

What if other characters fans have been following along are suddenly revealed to have been Skrulls all along?

Such reveals are as unsatisfying as Dallas’ “It was all a dream” or any such other us of deus ex machina, as it makes character development and important plot points fell entirely pointless and devoid of payoff.

Even if the Marvel Studios decide to delve deeper into the Secret Invasion arc, there’s an issue there too.

Captain Marvel’s big twist was that the Kree were the real baddies and the Skrulls were friendly immigrants.

Whereas in the Secret Invasion comics, the villainous Skrulls secretly replace many MCU superheroes years previously.

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