Spoilers: Shirley attacks Zack as he cheats with Sam in EastEnders

Queen of iconic moments Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) takes centre stage in another perfectly timed scene in EastEnders as she punches Zack Hudson (James Farrar) after learning he cheated on Nancy (Maddy Hill).

After spending the night with Sam (Kim Medcalf), Zack wakes up feeling incredibly guilty.

Initially, Zack thinks it’s a good idea if he tells Nancy everything, but when she profusely apologises for her recent behaviour, Zack changes his mind.

At The Albert, the party set up in Tina’s memory gets underway, but it ends in disaster when Nancy discovers Zack slept with Sam.

The next day, devastated Nancy updates Mick (Danny Dyer), who immediately sets off to confront Zack.

As he approaches, Shirley gets to him first and punches Zack straight in the face!

What timing!

The punch in the face isn’t enough to scare Zack away as later, he pleads with Nancy for forgiveness – but she ends their relationship.

With Zack feeling sorry for himself, will Nancy ever forgive him – or are things firmly over for this couple?

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