Stephen Bear announces girlfriend Tia, 18, is pregnant with twins – but furious fans spot something wrong with scan

STEPHEN Bear announced on Twitter this morning that he was going to be a father to twins.

The 31-year-old reality star, who is thought to be dating 18-year-old Tia McAlister, posted an ultrasound scan online – but many insisted it wasn't for real.

Sharing a picture showing two babies, he wrote: "Wasn’t expecting 2 😅 Think it’s time I should I grow up."

Some followers sent him their congratulations, with one writing: "Brilliant news 🙂 so happy for you xxx."

However, others fumed that the image he posted wasn't his, writing: "I literally just got the exact same photo off google, why make up lies."

Another said: "Somebody close to you needs to explain that you’re not funny whatsoever. Joking about pregnancy isn’t the way to go…"

While it's not clear whether Stephen was joking about becoming a dad, the picture he posted appeared on the blog of a Manchester mum.

Until recently Stephen was in Dubai but returned to the UK to surprise his mum – only to be met by police at Heathrow airport.

He was arrested last month over claims he posted a sex video of his ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison online, which he denies.

Tia is thought to be a trained hairdresser and beautician. A source told The Sun that she is hoping to become an influencer with Bear's help.

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