Suranne Jones gives I Am… Victoria viewers 'panic attacks' in 'disturbing' scenes

I AM… Victoria viewers found the Channel 4 drama hard to watch as they praised Suranne Jones for her portrayal of a struggling anxiety-induced mother.

Viewers hailed Suranne's performance after the return of Channel 4 drama series I Am… on Thursday night.

Each episode of I Am… tells a standalone female-led story directed and written by Dominic Savage and based on the novel series.

Yesterday’s episode focused on a character called Victoria, played by Suranne.

She played a mother of two trying to complete an important property development that will bring her advancement financial security. 

But, viewers witnessed her on the edge and hurtling towards a meltdown as she struggled to juggle work and home life.

Viewers have praised Suranne for her portrayal as a perfectionist and brittle mother, victim to self-inflicted pressures which was painful to watch.

One said: "Bravo #IAmVictoria A white knuckle ride. Excellent acting, great camera work, top notch script and I’m on the verge of a panic attack just watching."

A second wrote: "A remarkable one-off drama with @SuranneJonesUK giving the most intense, disturbing & heartrending portrayal of a woman at the end of her tether. I nearly had a panic attack watching her. She is one incredible actor. Don’t miss!"

Another penned: "I may well have a panic attack just watching this #IAmVictoria."

Suranne exuded a perfect portrait of a woman at a certain stage in life, when her resources are being depleted by the accumulated burdens.

The dialogue combined with the camera wobbling trying to keep up with the cast’s unexpected movements felt uncomfortably real.

At one point, Victoria hosted a dinner party, dropped a plate of bellinis on the floor and cried out “They’re looking at me!”

Suranne admitted to having a “small breakdown myself” shortly before the pandemic and injects much of that experience into the show making it a more realist portrayal.

I Am.. Victoria is available to watch on ITV Hub.

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