Tamra Judge from 'RHOC' Reveals Her Biggest Weight Loss Secret

Tamra Judge from The Real Housewives of Orange County proves that turning 50 doesn’t mean you have to live in stretchy pants and oversized t-shirts.

The uber-fit mom and gym owner shared some of her personal weight loss tips with a fan on Instagram that just about anyone can use. Although Judge impressed viewers by winning a bodybuilding competition in her 50s, she insists slimming down is more about what you put in your body.

Her tips were practical but she also offered advice to discouraged middle-aged women who can’t seem to get the weight to budge. What did Judge reveal? Plus what important piece of advice did she share for anyone wanting to get healthy and fit?

Healthy bodies are made in the kitchen

While Judge is often filmed working out hard in the gym, she admits what she does off camera is what helped her get so svelte. A 51-year-old fan responded to an “Ask me anything” Q&A on Judge’s Instagram story, Bravo’s The Feast reports. The fan asked, “How can I lose 30 pounds. I’m 51 and have no idea what to eat with all of these diets!”

“Eat clean!” she responded. “Chicken, fish, ground turkey (lean protein) veggies, good fats, complex carbs.” What constitutes as a “good fat?” Some sources include nut butter, olives, avocados, and olive oil. What about complex carbs? Good sources include fruit, vegetables, and beans.

Judge also told the fan what not to eat too. “Don’t eat processed foods, sugars, breads, bad fats, limit alcohol.” She also added, “NO SODAS.”

This ‘Real Housewife’ backs her up too

Ironically, Teddi Mellencamp from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recently shared an article about her approach to eating, which seemed pretty similar to what Judge consumes.

Mellencamp posted the story to her Instagram account and added her tips to healthy eating. “I get so many questions about what I eat each day,” she wrote.”Thanks to @people for allowing me to show that healthy eating is a lifestyle that is fulfilling and delish.”

Her tips included a few additional resources for fans who want to slim down. “Simple tips like brown rice at sushi, iced green tea and water instead of soda, and always getting in some activity each day make all the difference. Don’t rely on motivation; commitment to you is what it takes. Now get after it.”

Judge also shows fans how to build muscle too

Although Judge shared what it takes to drop some weight, she also likes to share her workouts in the gym. Exercise benefits are numerous, which include stress reduction, building bone density, boosting energy, and chronic disease reduction.

She often shares some of her daily workouts to Instagram. “Tackled Tuesday,” Judge recently wrote. She shared a series of videos of her “Tuesday” workout. “I’m tired just watching,” new RHOC cast member, Braunwyn Windham-Burke wrote. “Get it girl,” Gina Kirschenheiter added.

Judge also shared what she does on Friday. “Friday Full body workout and 30 min cardio,” along with another set of videos. In addition to her tips, Judge also added this important piece of advice in her Instagram Q&A. “Be consistent and don’t starve yourself. [It] doesn’t happen overnight. Make it a [lifestyle] and the weight will come off.”

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