Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's mom Debra slammed as 'embarrassing' as she performs her 'new song' with granddaughter Sophia

TEEN Mom alum Farrah Abraham's mom Debra Danielsen was slammed as "embarrassing" after she performed her "new song" with granddaughter Sophia.

The 63-year-old shared a clip with her 12-year-old granddaughter on TikTok.

Sophia smiled throughout the video, while Debra dramatically lip-synched the lyrics to her song Nothing at All.

Debra sang: "I keep up my smile, but memories haunt me. I dream of your touch and how you could hold me. Why won't you love me?"

Farrah's mother tilted her head toward her granddaughter throughout the clip, which she captioned: "Have you heard my new song ‘Nothing at All’ yet?!"

The caption concluded with the hashtags #debzog and #debradanielsen.

A number of Teen Mom fans rushed to the comments section to slam Debra.

One person wrote: "You can tell Sophia is cringing. This is too much."

Another added: "LMAO. Poor Sophia, embarrassing."

A third chimed in: "I have second hand embarrassment."

The criticism continued, as another MTV fan wrote: "Is this a joke? Has to be."

Farrah, 30, rose to fame while starring on 16 & Pregnant and later Teen Mom.

Her relationship with Debra was often portrayed as turbulent on the show, though the family seem to be in a good place.

Back in May, Farrah shared a video with Debra and Sophia on her Instagram Story.

Days before Farrah shared the clip, Teen Mom fans slammed Debra for hopping around her living room in a see-through ensemble.

Debra – who releases rap music under the name DebzOG – uploaded an Instagram video of her dancing around in sheer black pants and a mesh Louis Vuitton print top, which revealed her bra and thong underwear.

She captioned the post: "As you can see, I am EXCITED for my new album to be released for you all soon ;)."

Fans took to Reddit to mock Farrah’s mom, who has been working on her music career and plans to release a full album soon.

One user joked: “When you order Madonna on Wish.”

Another couldn’t “believe” the former reality star is still trying to be a rapper and posting clips of herself wearing revealing clothing to promote her music.

A third wrote: “Omg she needs to stop.. Seriously just stoppp.”

Others called the video a “literal nightmare” and said they “so do not understand her life.”

Last month, Debra had fans worried after she posted clip of her singing along to one of her songs during a short workout video.

Many Teen Mom fans have expressed their concern regarding Debra's career choice, especially as some think she “can’t sing to save her life.”

While promoting her singing career, Debra has worn other daring outfits that include blue cut-out pants and a black leather halter top.

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