Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry says she's 'body shamed' for not bouncing back after four kids and 'mom shamed' for going to gym

TEEN Mom star Kailyn Lowry posed in her designer bra and jeans as she opened up on the pre and postpartum "bodyshaming" she has been subject to as a young parent.

The MTV personality, who has a brood of four, took to her Instagram page as she insisted "moms don't get enough credit."

The 28-year-old uploaded a sultry shot to her page to illustrate her lengthy argument centred on the premise that motherhood is not a "competition."

The professional image showed her playing with her hair while wearing a black Calvin Klein bra and skintight jeans.

The Pensylvania-born star, who has been documenting her recent gym sessions on Instagram, showed off her midriff for the body-positive post.

Opening her message, Kailyn wrote: "Moms don’t get enough credit, women in general don’t get enough credit. We are expected to do all the things – carry our babies for 9-10 months, breastfeed, (for some of us) raise other kids, be up all hours of the night, hit the ground running with work & then are mom shamed when we want/need time to ourselves (when we deserve it!).

"Motherhood isn’t supposed to be a competition – and neither are our bodies."

Candidly opening up on her personal experience throughout her maternity experiences she said: "This shoot was a challenge for me. I’ve birthed 4 humans & people expect my body to snap back immediately.

"When it doesn’t – I get body shamed, when I go to the gym it’s selfish. When I love my body, it’s unhealthy. There is no 'winning' for me in the court of public opinion."

She then confessed her latest project was "a photoshoot to be proud of my body and really love what it has been capable of doing" while also representing "a starting point in my fitness & health journey."

Kailyn rounded off with the comments:"Hopefully I will be able to look back on these photos & see significant changes & progress – but still have love for myself & all that my body has gone through.

"Cheers to loving ourselves & our bodies and to supporting & uplifting other women & moms 🖤"

The TV personality and public speaker shares her youngest two children Lux and Creed with Chris Lopez, she shares Lincoln with ex-husband Javi and Isaac with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera.

Last month, just eight weeks after giving birth to her fourth child, she showed off her new body-confident streak by posing in cerise lingerie.

She has been spending some time in the gym as she tries to drop 50 pounds.

On a recent episode of her podcast, Coffee Convos, Kailyn revealed her big fitness plans.

She said: "My goal right now is to drop 50 pounds and join the Air Force Reserves.

“I signed up at this gym that’s local to my area.

“It’s not CrossFit – but it’s sort of, like with the classes… it’s like CrossFit in that way."

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