The Bachelor spoilers: Hometown dates could be staged to protect family members

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is currently filming and he’s wrapping up the production in the final four’s hometowns. This weekend, he wrapped up Kelsey’s hometown date and Reality Steve revealed on Twitter that they had not visited Kelsey’s parents’ house.

Usually, the Bachelor and the woman in question will do something during the day and then go for dinner with the parents, so they can question the Bachelor’s intentions and feelings. While the homes have often looked clean, cozy, and a reflection of where the person in question comes from, Reality Steve reveals that this isn’t always reliable.

On Twitter, he explains that the home they filmed at does not belong to Kelsey’s parents. Production rented a home in her hometown, so they didn’t have to open up their home to strangers and essentially the world.

(UPDATE): That was not her mom & step dads house last night. It was a house production rented for the night. Happens often on hometowns.

— RealitySteve (@RealitySteve) November 2, 2019

In addition to this revelation, Reality Steve points out that this actually happens quite a bit and filming at the parents’ real house can be avoided with a little help from production. It’s surprising to learn that this happens quite a bit, but maybe not that surprising that parents do not want to open up their homes for millions of viewers.

In other words, the hometown dates can be staged at a rented house to protect the family members in question. In the past. some contestants have younger siblings that may not want their lives exposed because someone chose to pursue love on a reality show.

It’s possible that the family will order food, bring photo albums and other fun items to reflect on the past or start new memories with the couple visiting the home. ABC hasn’t explained how often this actually happens or why families may request this service for hometown dates.

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