Tom Holland on the 1 Reason Jake Gyllenhaal Is Different From Every Other Actor He Has Worked With

Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal became the best of buddies while filming Spider-Man: Far From Home. Though — spoiler alert — Jake Gyllenhaal plays the deceptive Mysterio out to get one over on Holland’s Peter Parker, their on-screen dynamic had no bearing on their blooming off-screen bromance. One was the villain and one was the hero in the film’s narrative; however, in their personal narrative, it was big brother meets little brother.

Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal kept getting in trouble on-set; they made each other laugh so frequently (and with such intensity) that they weren’t able to get through takes every now and again, explained director, Jon Watts. Though fooling around may have defined the filming process, Tom Holland also learned quite a bit from Jake Gyllenhaal, an actor he had longed to work with for quite some time. 

Tom Holland talks Jake Gyllenhaal 

In an interview with Coupdemain Magazine, Tom Holland discussed what it was like to work with Jake Gyllenhaal, revealing that the actor’s sheer degree of talent often pushed Holland to be the best he could be.

Holland went on to explain that, unlike every other actor he has worked with in his ever-growing career, Jake Gyllenhaal lacked one thing that the rest all seemed to have: “a switch.” Holland explained:

I am very lucky with people I get to work with. I have these meetings with my agent every year — we sit down and we go through a list of actors I would like to work with and a list of directors I would like to work with and Jake had already been on the list … He’s amazing. Every actor I have worked with has a switch. When they say action you can tell that they are acting. But Jake doesn’t have that. He’s seamless in and out of character. Sometimes it is quite disconcerting because you think he’s just talking to you, then, you realize he is doing the scene right now. I have learned a lot.

Tom Holland gives Jake Gyllenhaal one of the biggest compliments an actor can give another actor; he draws attention to Gyllenhaal’s seamless talent, and his ability to effortlessly become whomever he is playing. Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t turn on the switch and begin acting; he simply is the character. Considering Holland has worked with some greats, including Robert Downey Jr., Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, Chris Evans, and more, this compliment is quite significant. 

Tom Holland goes on to explain that working alongside Jake Gyllenhaal was like playing tennis; meaning, when one person begins to give it their all, you feel the push to do the same. He said, “if you are playing tennis with someone who is really good you sort of rise up.” Working with talented actors leads one to think more about the “minor details” explained Holland; and, in doing so, actors elevate their performance to the next level. 

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