The One Show viewers beg Matt Baker to return as they rip into 'muppet' replacement presenters

THE One Show viewers have begged for former host Matt Baker to return to the fold after ripping into “muppet” replacement presenters.

Appearing alongside Alex Scott and Jermaine Jenas on Monday night’s show, Matt, 43, returned to the BBC studio for the very first time since he left his role of host last year.

Since departing the fan favourite series, Matt has gone on to star in his own Channel 4 series – Our Farm in the Dales – alongside his family.

His BBC exit saw The One Show regular Alex Jones welcome Jermaine and Ronan Keating as his replacements – but it didn’t go down well with fans.

As Matt made a rare appearance on the programme to discuss this year’s Rickshaw Challenge for Children in Need, as well as his farming series, some fans didn’t want the former Countryfile star to leave.

Taking to Twitter, diehard fans of the programme wrote of their delight in seeing Matt back on the couch, with a number of them calling for him to return permanently.

One viewer wrote: “Come back, Matt, all is forgiven! These two muppets can’t present for toffee!”

Someone else argued: “Bring back Alex Jones and Matt Baker. I’m fed up with the current amateurish presentation on The One Show.”

Another fan also commented on the new presenters, adding: “The One Show suddenly feels calmer not that Matt Baker has arrived.

“There’s something a bit too ‘full on’ about the current presenters.”

While a fourth fumed: “I’m not ready for that after a day’s work. Cackling laughter, talking over each other, cheap endless plugs about books.”

“Bring back Alex Jones and Matt Baker. I’m fed up with the current amateurish presentation on The One Show.”

It looks like Matt, however, will be staying put away from the BBC studios as he and his family continue to work on their farm in the second series of their More4 show, which returns on Monday evening.

Nevertheless, Matt did note how happy he was to be back in the studio where he worked as a presenter for a decade, so fans could one day see him back on the famous sofa.

“Can I just say how lovely it is to be back?” Matt said as Alex and Jermaine introduced him to the show.

“With all the crew and everybody,” he added before waving to that off-camera. “Honestly it’s lovely to see you all.”

Bringing up the image overhaul the set has undergone since Matt’s exit, Jermaine joked: “Changed a bit.”

The former One Show host replied: “I know, it’s kind of like going around a relative who’s redecorated.”

The One Show airs on weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.

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