The Repair Shop guest breaks down in tears as father's cherished violin that survived Auschwitz is restored

THE Repair Shop was filled with the sound of emotion as a woman was reunited with her father's beloved, and now fully-functioning, violin.

Owner Natalie brought the musical item – which has spent World War Two housed in a Auschwitz concentration camp – to the workshop for repair.

She told how it was her late dad's and how he had been a keen fan of Hungarian music.

Miraculously, it survived the dramatic period of history and Nazi Germany rule to come into her possession following the war.

BBC show expert John used his talents to put the instrument "in one piece again", with Natalie very pleased with the result.

Yet in a hugely poignant follow-up, The Repair Shop team called violinist Christian Garrick to play the newly-refurbished instrument.

It was the first time Natalie had heard the violin's sound in more than 30 years, around the time her father passed in 1984.

His tuneful song, penned specifically for Natalie, left her in tears.

John said: "I think this is just the man to play your fiddle for you," before Christian added: "It’s a great pleasure, it’s very exciting."

Padding a tissue onto her face she responded: "That’s wonderful.

"Absolutely wonderful."

Earlier in the BBC One episode, John outlined his restoration and said: "There it is, all in one piece again.

"We have put all the pieces back in, that was the main challenge.

"I’ve kept all the pieces that were put in."

The Repair Shop is filmed at The Weald and Downland Living Museum, just outside Chichester.

It's situated by the South Downs National Park, making for a picturesque location.

The 40-acre site is home to a collection of historic rural buildings and showcases heritage farming trades and crafts.

It's open to the public to visit and has reopened after COVID-19 closures.

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