‘They’ve given up!’ Wales COVID adviser grilled by BBC host after 3000 attend illegal rave

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A rural rave in Wales was broken up after 3000 people attended it despite coronavirus restrictions. Police criticised the “irresponsible” actions of those at the unlicensed and illegal rave in south Wales at Banwen, on the edge of the Brecon Beacons. Public Health Wales representative Dr Giri Shankar was confronted about it on BBC Breakfast.

Host Dan Walker asked: “Many people will have seen what happened with regards to that illegal gathering, the rave in South Wales with about 3000 people at the weekend.

“Do you not think there are some clear indications that people have given up on social distancing and following the regulations?”

Dr Shankar admitted: “That seems to be the emerging picture at the moment which is very unfortunate and disappointing.

“It’s particularly hard as people have been restricted in their mobility and in terms of what they can do.”

He added: “Therefore once there is a sense of some control measures being eased, there could be tendencies for them to over-indulge a little bit.

“But we certainly recommend that should not be done.”

Two fines of £10,000 were handed out as penalties to the pair that had organised the illegal rave.

Mr Walker questioned whether that and Dr Shankar’s message would actually get through to people.

The health adviser told him: “I hope so. I think it requires a collective effort.

“It’s not just about stricter enforcement of regulations, but I think it’s more about people taking responsibility for themselves.

“And also for their wider family and friends, and society at large.”

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In England, people who host or organise illegal raves can be fined up to £10,000.

Those who are required to self-isolate and do not can be fined £1000.

Recently Home Secretary Priti Patel doubled the maximum fine for not wearing a mask from £1600 to £3200.

If a person doesn’t wear a face covering when they should in Scotland, the police can issue a fine.

Similarly, people travelling to Scotland can be fined for not filling in the passenger locator form.

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