Top Boy death scene: Kane Robinson speaks out about ‘jaw-dropping’ moment

Top Boy episode four saw Jason (played by Ricky Smarts) come to his violent end as the episode titled Bonfire Night saw him burned to a crisp in a brutal house fire. The fire broke out in the middle of the night and tragic scenes of the Netflix series saw the fan-favourite realise it was all to late to escape the flames, which at this point had engulfed the entire building.

The scene saw Sully rush back into the house in a desperate attempt to rescue his friend after managing to escape, but by the time he had to come back out, Jason had gone.

The fire was covering the entire building and Jason was stuck on the second floor.

The scene proved a difficult watch for fans as Sully (Kane Robinson) had practically been a father figure to Jason.

The emotional clip saw Sully screaming to Jason to break the window, but he couldn’t do it, frantically banging the glass as the flames engulfed him.

With his hands on his head Sully screamed: “Break it! F*****g break it!”

Although his character was able to escape the fire with a large wad of cash, Kane was still shaken by the shock death as he spoke out about the “jaw-dropping” moment.

Speaking to, Kane spoke out about his first read of the heartbreaking scene.

“It was one of those jaw-dropping moments reading the script” began Kane.

“Sully’s been in jail and Jason has been there. It’s a weird situation because this kid has been there and has become family to me.

“Sully wants to do his own thing, away from Dushane and he tries that, but when Jason dies it’s I think that kicks him back into gear and just makes him not care anymore.”

Kane continued: “That’s when we had that scene on the doorstep and he’s like you know what, I don’t feel anymore. Anything goes now.”

The death will have certainly rocked the Summerhouse gang as the group watched Jason grow up, pulling him out of an abusive home and acting as a family to him.


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The character will certainly missed by viewers as fans took to social media to share their devastation to see the fan-favourite sucked into the flames.

The character was known for having a difficult life with his mother an addict and no father around to look after him.

One user said: “That scene with Jase at the window and Sully just watching on. That was a hard watch.

“Jason’s story was just tragic from the start. Acting was unreal all round also #TopBoy.”

A second added: “Jason was too precious for that end, he really did have the worst luck.”

The death is perhaps the most difficult of the series with many fans frustrated Jason was killed off so early.

A third user commented: “Jason’s death broke my heart. I’ll never forgive the writers for that one. I’m only on ep 5.”

Top Boy is streaming on Netflix now.

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