Top Boy plot hole: Jamie shouldve been arrested before brutal Sully murder – heres why

Top Boy: Netflix releases teaser for third and final season

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Top Boy fans wasted no time in binging all eight episodes of Netflix’s second season of the hit drama and it’s safe to say everyone was blindsided by its jaw-dropping finale. Jamie (played by Micheal Ward) finally met his demise after several brushes with death at the hands of Sully (Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson) who arrived at his door and shot him dead in front of his brothers. The murder has teed up a tantalising third and final season, but should it have ever happened?

To recap, it was clear throughout Top Boy season two that Sully wasn’t as onboard with having Jamie as part of the criminal operation as his righthand man Dushane (Ashley Walters) was.

So much so, Sully accompanied Jamie to Spain to try and resolve a hitch in their drug-running operation, clearly under the impression Jamie couldn’t sort it himself.

And when Dushane told Sully he saw Jamie as his “retirement plan”, Sully’s face dropped and it was clear he wasn’t on the same page.

This all came to a head in explosive fashion in the final moments of season two when Sully then arrived at Jamie’s flat and shot him in the chest and head – in plain view of his brother Stef (Araloyin Oshunremi).

The fallout of Jamie’s murder will undoubtedly set the stage for the final ever season of Top Boy, but there’s a big questionable feature from the second season’s storyline which needs to be answered.

This lies with the plan Jamie set out with his own former righthand man Kit (Kadeem Ramsay) to flee London and head to Cardiff, Wales.

After Dushane discovered the role Kit played in young Ats’ (Keiyon Cook) murder, he told Jamie he’d have to kill his best pal as reparations.

To begin with, Jamie straight up refused to kill Kit and they looked for a way to get off the grid which led Kit to reach out to a cousin in Cardiff and set up not only a place to go but also a network where they could continue dealing.

But before they could set off, Jamie shot Kit in his car as he decided the safety of his brothers Stef and Aaron (Hope Ikpoku Jr) came first and he didn’t want to live in fear of Dushane and Sully.

At the scene of the crime, Jamie did all he could to try and cover his tracks so he couldn’t be tracked down for the murder of Kit – who he left dead in his own car.

However, a potential plot hole exists through the loose end that is the Cardiff relative.

Once Kit’s murder had been discovered by the police and his family informed, surely an investigation would’ve led the police straight into the path of the cousin.

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And to hear their relative had been murdered, they’d have a key piece of information the police would want to know – he was heading to Cardiff with Jamie.

Not only would this have led the police to Jamie’s door and made him suspect number one, but it surely wouldn’t have been long before any web of lies surrounding their reason for their escape unravelled. 

Plus, Jamie would unlikely snitch on Dushane and Sully for the reason for his planned escape, so may have coughed up to Kit’s murder to protect his brothers and keep the kingpins away.

Top Boy viewers were never told anything further about the cousin from Wales after Kit’s death, but instead, witnessed a bit of a time jump which saw Jamie live happily with his brothers and patrolling the streets with Jaq (Jasmine Jobson).

This suggests a fair bit of time had gone past and yet there were supposedly no leads from Kit’s murder that pointed towards Jamie.

Plus, it’s never mentioned that Jamie tracked the cousin to tie up the loose end and make sure he wasn’t implicated in Kit’s murder.

So given the time that passed between Kit and Jamie’s murders, surely the police would’ve contacted Jamie?

And even if the cousin didn’t give up Jamie’s name, after being with Kit on the same day and in his flat moments before his death, the police would have enough evidence to at least bring Jamie in.

Whether this plot hole and the answers surrounding Kit’s murder will be answered in Top Boy season three remains to be seen but for now, it’s certainly a questionable part of Jamie’s final scenes.

Top Boy seasons 1-2 are available to stream on Netflix now. Top Boy Summerhouse seasons 1-2 are also available to stream on Netflix now.

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