Unforgotten season 5 featured a major twist in the finale

Unforgotten: Sinéad Keenan and Sanjeev Bhaskar star in trailer

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  • Joseph’s body & Hume’s arrest
  • Karol was questioned over his explicit photos
  • Ebele revealed the truth
  • Jess’ messy personal life continued
  • Hume was questioned
  • Ebele revealed the truth about her parentage
  • Jay’s testimony
  • Hume addressed raping Yetunde
  • Ebele and Jay finally met
  • WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Unforgotten season 5

    Many fans have already reached the end of the series and have lots of questions about how the latest case wrapped up. Once again, Unforgotten’s creator Chris Lang deftly wrapped up the story with a compelling ending to leave fans reeling. Express.co.uk has the lowdown on the main plot points from the season five finale.

    Joseph’s body & Hume’s arrest

    The connection was made between Tory politician Lord Anthony Hume (played by Ian McElhinney) and Precious Falade.

    While the body found in the garden in Greenford was Joseph Bell and was linked to the corpse located in Hammersmith at the start of the series. It was confirmed Joseph and Precious Falade were killed around the same time.

    Sunny Khan (Sanjeev Bhaskar) and Jess James (Sinead Keenan) spoke to the pathologist Leanne Balcome (Georgia Mackenzie) about how Joseph had died after his body was bound with two bullet holes in the skull.

    Jess needed a way to place Lord Tony Hume at the scene of Precious’ murder with Sunny getting onto the case.

    Hume was arrested by Murray Boutling (Jordan Long) and was being held in a cell by the police as they carried out their investigation.

    Karol was questioned over his explicit photos

    Karol Wjoski (Max Rinehart) was brought into custody after his upskirting photos were discovered.

    He said he’d started taking the photos after work as a social worker took its toll and he struggled and had “dark thoughts”.

    He went on to reveal he’d been attacked twice, one outside his synagogue and he said after the second attack he took his first explicit photo.

    Karol said he was made to feel different when he moved to the UK and he said it affected him and getting attacked.

    The taking of the graphic photos made him feel better and offered a “momentary relief”.

    Karol was then questioned about the last time he saw Precious alive in 2015, when he accidentally left his laptop at her place and she found some upskirting photos on them.

    Precious had tried to blackmail him for £2,000 but he never paid her the money. The day he went to pay the money, he saw Hume in the corridor but Precious wasn’t there.

    Karol quit his job the next day and left the country and said he was sorry for what he’d done. Nonetheless, he said he hadn’t hurt Precious and his testimony placed Hume at the murder scene.

    Ebele revealed the truth

    Meanwhile, Ebele Falade (Martina Laird) turned up at the Hume’ home with Lady Emma Hume (Hayley Mills), believing she was a tabloid journalist, before she was informed of the truth.

    Ebele was Hume’s daughter and she told Lady Emma she found out he was her father on her 18th birthday and then contacted him when she was 23.

    She was now 58 and said he had mainly been supporting her financially over the decades while lying to Lady Emma.

    Ebele had come to Hume’s house to confront him and say things she needed to before it was too late.

    She told him she “loathed” her father and said Lady Hume and her husband had benefitted from the hard work of people like her.

    Ebele said even though Lady Emma hadn’t been directly inflicted damage on her family in the same way as her husband, she still held her to account.

    The decades of Thatcherite policies espoused by Hume and his ilk had left people like her in poverty. She Lady Hume also “looked the other way” with the aristocrat left contemplating their tense exchange and the part she’d played.

    Jess’ messy personal life continued

    Jess had her own problems when Steve James (Andrew Lancel) turned up at her house despite cheating on the police detective with her sister.

    Steve said her sister had made the situation look worse and the illicit couple had never slept together but had only kissed once. He said their connection had had an “emotional affair” and apologised for what he’d done.

    He said he’d felt abandoned by her, which is why he left and wanted her to “hurt” like he did but now had “calmed down” and wanted to come home. But Jess didn’t believe him whatsoever.

    Later, Jess’ mum turned up at home and told the police officer she and the kids needed Steve even if nothing was perfect.

    The detective was left muling whether to give Steve another chance for his indiscretions.

    Hume was questioned

    Jess asked the politician about his granddaughter Precious but he denied killing her or his great-grandson Joseph. He went so far as to say he’d never met either of them.

    But evidence from the team placed Hume close to the scene of the murder with Precious’ social worker Karol also offering a positive ID the politician was at the property around the time of the murder.

    Hume decided to speak out and confirmed he only knew about Ebele in her early 20s and claimed it was the result of a “very brief relationship” in 1963.

    He said he knew he was a grandfather but said he’d had little to do with Bele until 2015 when she “called out of the blue” and wanted money.

    Before Precious’ death, Hume claimed Bele had called her saying the young woman was homeless with the Waterman Road property vacant at this time and he wanted to help. Hume said he met Precious to give her some keys to the property.

    He went on to say on the night of Precious’ death, Joseph had called and demanded money as well as making threats.

    Hume said he called Bele about the incident, but also went to Waterman Road himself. When he arrived, Joseph seemed “very disturbed” and was threatening him with violence as well as his mother Precious.

    Joseph apparently pulled out a gun and held it at Hume, but Precious lunged for the weapon as it went off and the boy was hit in the head.

    Precious then took her own life after seeing what had happened to Joseph with both mother and son dying with Hume not calling for help.

    He called Bele and said he would bury Joseph and his daughter would have to dispose of Precious’ body.

    Hume said this was the truth after repeatedly lying to the police before.

    Ebele revealed the truth about her parentage

    Bele’s mother Yetunde was a second-generation Nigerian woman, whose parents had come to the UK after the Second World War.

    Aged 17, Yetunde worked as a cleaner at a city stockbroker’s firm, where her parents already worked in the canteen.

    One of the sons of the stockbroker was working at the firm for a few months and during his time there, he raped Yetunde.

    She told her parents what had happened who blamed her for the sexual assault.

    Yetunde realised she was pregnant and wrote to Hume, who didn’t reply with the teen then contacting his father Sir Henry Hume.

    Sir Henry warned Yetune he would sack her and her family, so she had to stop the case. But Yetunde did write a letter and leave it with a local solicitor for Bele to read on her 18th birthday.

    Yetunde then took her own life with Bele being raised by her grandparents, who saw her as a “child of evil” and left her with self-hatred and shame.

    Bele said Hume wasn’t decent when she approached him about being her father and was more concerned about protecting himself and his reputation, going so far as to threaten her with violence.

    Nonetheless, she got a DNA test done and then after Hume buckled when Ebele threatened to go to the press about being his child.

    Bele said on the night of the murders, she didn’t question Hume’s version of events but now wondered if the politician had shot both Precious and Joseph.

    She said she regretted following through and listening to Hume, who’d said if they called the police no one would believe it was an accident and Bele’s criminal record would put her under suspicion.

    Jay’s testimony

    Sunny and Jess confronted Jay Royce (Rhys Yates) and asked him to trust them and stop Hume from winning.

    He said on the night of the murders, Jay saw Hume arrive in his car but had no interest in meeting him or his grandmother Bele – who didn’t know about his existence until she found Precious’ body.

    Jay claimed Hume had then tried to strangle Joseph, who pulled a gun out of his back pocket and backed away.

    He said Precious tried to grab the gun from Joseph and it all went wrong with the gun going off and killing his mother.

    Jay said Hume asked Joseph to hand him the gun, which he did and as the boy knelt down by his mother Precious. The addict said this when Hume shot Joseph in the back of the head and said there was nothing he could do either and froze as he was 14 at the time.

    He’d run upstairs and hid for twos but when he came back down, the bodies were gone and so he ran away.

    Hume addressed raping Yetunde

    He admitted the “awful truth” and who he really was and finally said he shot Joseph.

    Hume said for the past six years he’d tried to make “some amends” but knew it would never be enough.

    But Jess was left angered at the confession and said the politician’s legacy would be as a rapist.

    She later apologised to Sunny for her behaviour which she said was unprofessional.

    Ebele and Jay finally met

    Grandmother and grandson finally met in emotional scenes as she apologised for everything.

    Jay told her he’d lied to the police about Hume, saying the politician hadn’t killed Jay.

    Precious had indeed killed Joseph and then turned the gun on herself but Jay said Hume needed to pay for what he’d done to the family.

    But it seems Hume still confessed to the murder perhaps out of his own guilt for what he’d done.

    Unforgotten season 5 airs on ITV1 on Mondays at 9pm and the whole series is streaming on ITVX now

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