Warrior Nun fans call out Netflix for their decision to axe show

Warrior Nun: Netflix release teaser trailer for new drama

A new hashtag called “What The Hell Netflix” has begun trending on Twitter recently after the streaming giant took a jab at its subscribers in an Instagram story.

On April 26, Netflix shared a meme, originally posted by Taco Bell, complaining that most of their comments were fans asking for the return of a particular series.

This was shown in the form of a pie chart, where a majority of the chart showing the sheer amount of comments Netflix receives that say: “Bring the ____ back.”

The streamer captioned the story: “I’ve never related to anything more.”

For Netflix, these comments come in the form of subscribers wondering why another well-beloved show was cancelled.

Warrior Nun fans have proven once again why they are some of the most vocal and loyal fans of any TV series. 

After the post was shared, furious fans took to social media to call out the streaming service after taking offence to the Instagram story.  

One infatuated fan @elosnk fumed: “Cool its a good show, and we still want Warrior Nun season 3, and the bloopers from season 2 #SaveWarriorNun #WarriorNun WHAT THE HELL NETFLIX.”

Another user @avatricesvibe wrote: “Bring the Warrior Nun back. WHAT THE HELL NETFLIX.”

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With @WrathOfGrapesN7 adding: “So? #SaveWarriorNun #WarriorNun #RepresentationMatters #FandomsUnited  WHAT THE HELL NETFLIX.”

A fourth angry subscriber @echo23d wrote: “@netflix AND IF I ONLY HAD THE POWER TO MAKE YOU GO BANKRUPT RN. I WOULD DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT! 


“We want to see Warrior Nun season 3 and we won’t stop commenting about it. Renew Warrior Nun or sell the rights. WHAT THE HELL NETFLIX,” @Ellsisbored said. 

While @WestenrasKiss blasted the streaming service saying: “Bring Warrior Nun back, you band of disrespectful clowns!”

While this may seem like a harmless joke from Netflix, those who know the history of the streaming service understand the context of this repost.

In the past year alone, Netflix has been slammed by members of the LGBTQ+ community for cancelling homosexual-themed shows, like Warrior Nun. 

Showrunner Simon Barry, who formally announced the cancellation of the show via his Twitter account, confirmed the decision to axe the popular fantasy drama was based on data. 

“More people watched season one than season two, therefore it didn’t meet the bar that is their internal standard for what is worth renewing,” he explained to NME News. 

Warrior Nunn is currently available to stream on Netflix in the US and UK. 

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