What happened to Kate on Life Below Zero?

LIFE Below Zero’s Kate Bassich joined the cast of the popular National Geographic series in 2013.

The series focuses on the most remote regions of Alaska and shows how people survive in the frozen tundra.

What happened to Kate on Life Below Zero?

Kate Bassich ended her two-year stint on Life Below Zero after divorcing her co-star Andy Bassich in 2015.

She left the series and went to live in Newfoundland, Canada though it is unclear what she does now.

The ex-TV star sometimes updates her fans about her new life on her Facebook page.

Kate shared a vacation photo on Facebook with her brother writing: "Great to spend time with my amazing brother Tolson. We have not seen each other in about 16 years. Far too long"

Who is Kate Bassich’s ex husband Andy?

Andy Bassich is a reality TV star from the series.

He hails from Washington D.C. and was a carpenter prior to joining Life Below Zero.

Andy moved to Alaska in the 1980’s and joined the cast of the show in 2013.

The reality star met Kate in 2003 at Dawson City, Canada and then moved together to Calico Bluff, Alaska. 

The couple had their own business in Alaska and showcased their marriage on the series.

Their sudden split prompted Kate's departure from the series.

Kate and Andy reportedly had no children together. 

How many seasons are there of Life Below Zero?

There are 16 seasons of Life Below Zero on National Geographic.

The latest episode aired on January 12, 2021.

It is unclear if there will be a season 17 airing any time soon.

How can I watch Life Below Zero?

Life Below Zero is available on Disney+ with a subscription.

The series can also be streamed for free on the National Geographic YouTube channel.

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