Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: ‘I’m screaming’ Fans rage as contestant ‘wastes’ lifeline

Who Wants to be a Millionaire was back on screens last night with a fresh set of contestants, all on a mission to win as much as they can with the power of knowledge.

However, last night’s success of a half a million pound win didn’t seem to follow on to one of the latest contestants as he had to reach for the lifeline very early on in the show.

Fans were outraged to see Sheffield resident Chris Dent stumble over a question “3-year-olds” could have answers as many branded it a “waste” of a lifeline.

Viewers watched in horror as the quizzer mulled over a question about the popular Mr. Men character Mr. Bump and it didn’t take them long to voice their frustration over social media.

Jeremy asked the quizzer: “In the Mr. Men books created by Roger Hargreaves, what colour is Mr. Bump?”

The options were: Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.

However, instead of hazarding a guess, Chris chose to ask the audience, acknowledging “they’ll be screaming at the telly at home.”

It seems he wasn’t wrong as the choice caused quite the stir on social media.

One user tweeted: “How many 3-year-old across the country got that one #Blue #MrBump #WWTBAM #WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire.”

A second tweeted: “He’s not gunna get that far I mean not knowing Mr Bump was blue.”

Confirming Chris’ fears, a third commented: “I’m screaming BLUE at TV Mr Bump was blue.”

Moreover, it was revealed that 84 percent of the audience got the question correct.

However, the latest contestant isn’t completely to blame for the blunder as he revealed he recently became a farther, and hasn’t been able to get much sleep in the lead up with his 11-month-old baby in tow.

Moreover, all was not lost as Chris walked away with a total of £16,000.

The show made a return after the episode didn’t air in its usual slot the night before. 

Jeremy Clarkson responded to a baffled viewer on Twitter after the fan asked him why the show wasn’t on.

“Why no Millionaire tonight when it’s listed as being on?” they asked.

However, the former Top Gear presenter wasn’t much help as he simply wrote back: “I wondered that.”

Referring to the quiz show’s new lifeline, the fan replied: “That’s my ask the host wasted then!”

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? continues Sunday on ITV at 8pm.

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