Burger King staff ‘tell 18st man he is "too big" after bench collapses’

A Burger King customer weighing 18st claims staff told him he was "too big" when a bench suddenly collapsed underneath him.

Kyle Smithson says he was having a Whopper and Chicken Royale sandwich for breakfast when he ended up on the floor at one of the chain's restaurants in Brighton, East Sussex.

The 32-year-old said he "fell t** over a***" as the bench collapsed and his friend was laughing at him as he climbed back onto his feet.

Mr Smithson, who stands 6ft 4ins, said his back hurt and he was filling out an incident report when he overheard staff saying the bench fell because the customer was "too big".

He told the Argus that he was "body shamed" following Tuesday's incident.

Mr Smithson said it happened while he was having breakfast with his work colleague.

The carpenter said: “As I was shuffling to get up, the bench fell down.

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