X Factor’s Love Island band sparks rumours they’ve split as Zara McDermott admits they have no plans to make more music – The Sun

CELEBRITY X Factor band No Love Lost currently has no plans to make new music, admits Zara McDermott.

The future of the Love Island group, which is made up of Zara, Eyal Booker, Wes Nelson and Samira Mighty, is up in the air despite its impressive showing on the ITV talent show.

Zara, 23, who is currently filming Made In Chelsea with boyfriend Sam Thompson, says it would be a "shame to throw it away" if they stopped making music.

She exclusively tells The Sun Online: "We've not officially gone our separate ways. I'd love to continue with it. We had such a nice thing going on.

"When you're in the reality world it's hard to step out of that and get people to take you seriously in another field.

"I think we began to move towards that. We took X Factor so seriously, we were the only contestants who were actively writing our own songs every week in the studio and recording.

"We gave so much to that show. It was never a joyride for us. We were never going to do covers.

"We had the best time of our lives. It would be such a shame to throw it away, in a sense.

"At the same time there's four people in the group and if every person isn't on the same page, it's not going to work.

"It's a conversation we're going to have at some point; what the future of the band is going to be, but it's not really happened yet."

There were cries of a fix from viewers when the band was eliminated in a sing off against international vloggers V5, with journalist Martin Bashir pipping both to the next round in the public vote.

The show was ultimately won by Megan McKenna and came to an end in December.

No Love Lost's members have all been busy since then with Eyal spending the last month in LA with his girlfriend Delilah, Samira has been with her boyfriend Alex Dean and Wes has kept close to his girlfriend Arabella Chi.

Whether the band does or does not continue, Zara is tipping 2020 to be the most successful of her life.

She's currently working with graduate job board Milkround to shine a light on the issues faced by Gen Z, those born in the mid to late 90s, when it comes to dressing for the office.

The pressures of which are something she has firsthand experience of from her time working as a government adviser when she was 18.

She says: "When I first joined government I was finding my feet and I didn't really understand how to dress for work. Being an 18 year old really into fashion, the last thing I wanted to do was blend in and wear plain clothing.

"I wanted to express myself through clothes and impress people. I felt like the more effort I made in the morning the better I felt through the day."

But she soon found herself altering her style after receiving some unwelcome remarks.

She explains: "I definitely did receive some unwanted comments and began to feel uncomfortable about the way I was dressing in the work place, which was a shame but something I had to accept.

"When I joined I was perhaps wearing skirts that were a little bit too short, but not with the intention of being sexually provocative.

"My line manager at the time she told me I needed to have a little bit of a think about what I was wearing. At first I was absolutely mortified.

"It was embarrassing, I suppose. I did understand where she was coming from after a while. It's always hard to hear that kind of thing."

However, she's not looked back after finding success as an influencer and reality star, and is grateful for the backing she's had from boyfriend Sam.

"He's my biggest supporter in the whole world he's so proud of em and I'm so proud of him," she gushes.

And although they're in a good place, they're not looking to take things too quickly.

She says: "We want to explore some new places around the world. Our year will consist of a lot of travelling together and experiencing some new places."

The couple is having fun filming together on MIC, but socialising with the Chelsea set still feels unfamiliar to Zara.

She admits: "I still don't necessarily feel I completely fit in there.

"People are from different backgrounds to where I'm from, it's a little bit of a transition for me to get used to the people round here.

"It's a new experience for me but I'm really enjoying it."

Keep your eyes peeled for a mystery TV project from Zara to be released later in the year.

TV personality and former government adviser, Zara McDermott, is working with leading graduate job board Milkround to highlight the challenges faced by Gen Z when choosing how to dress in the modern working environment. See Zara’s take on modern office dress codes in her article on Milkround’s blog: https://advice.milkround.com/office-dress-codes

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