Yellowstones Mo Brings Plenty star pays tribute to inspiration Gil Birmingham

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One of the show’s stars, Mo Brings Plenty, has reflected on his relationship with one of his Yellowstone co-stars.

Mo, who plays the right-hand man, fixer, and friend to Chief Thomas Rainwater, played by Gil Birmingham, shares a similar bond and friendship with Gil in real life.

Speaking on the Monday Morning Critic Podcast, Mo revealed: “You know, Gil is a brother. I love him like a brother, I really do.”

He continued: “He has been an inspiration. I’ve watched him before, I even had the opportunity to work with him and we knew of each other before because we got to perform together once before on stage.”

Mo also affirmed: “Whenever Yellowstone does come to an end, you know Gil and I’s relationship as brothers will continue.”

Yellowstone is set to conclude with a fifth and final season after Paramount airs the show in the US and the UK.

Podcast host Darek Thomas suggested it would be great to see the two co-stars and friends’ relationship continue on-screen.

To which Mo replied: “Yeah. That would be wonderful. We talked about it, him and I always joke around, ‘We need a Mo and Rainwater spin-off.’ And I said, yeah, that would be wonderful.”

Darek confirmed: “All joking aside, that would be a great spin-off. Like that would be like a practical spin-off that people would be all in on.”

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There have already been two Yellowstone spin-offs, 1883, a Dutton family prequel starring Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, and 1923, which stars Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford.

So, it’s not completely inconceivable that more spin-offs from the same universe could materialise in the future.

When Mo was asked about Gil’s appearance in the 2017 film, Wind River, Mo praised his performance.

He revealed he likes “to try to take acting classes,” when he gets the opportunity, as “acting doesn’t come natural”.

Mo relayed: “So I signed up for some classes and took some in Kansas City and I didn’t mention that I started working with Gil. And the instructor, he brought up Gil Birmingham’s performance in Wind River. And so I just smiled and I said yeah.”

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“And so every opportunity I get, Gil’s a very hardworking individual, he is a master at this art. I’m surprised that he’s not being nominated for other awards.”

Mo concluded by sharing a touching tribute to his fellow actor: “He’s an individual that is well deserving of it and should get that opportunity because he is such a brilliant actor.”

Darek concurred: “He put on a tour de force in Wind River. He was so good in it.”

Yellowstone is available to stream on Paramount Plus in the UK.

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