10 best men’s hair care products for all hair types

Gone are the stone age days when men would sneer at the idea of a 'hair care routine'.

Now more than ever, we have a fast growing number of men who take a strong interest in their appearance, hair on their head and their faces seemingly taking priority.

As interest grows, naturally, so too does the market; with more brands now targeting men on the quest for tame tresses.

According to a study by Mintel, the men's hair care industry is expected to reach a huge £94 million by 2020 and that's only in the UK.

With all kinds of hair styling products for men making their way to the front of our shelves, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Our guide rounds up the best of each product to give you the best possible head start.

Best men's hair care products



1. Pura D'Or Shampoo – 473ml

A great solution for men who struggle with hair thinning. Maintain healthy hair with Pura D'Or, which is packed with bioactive ingredients and natural botanicals: Argan, Tea Tree and Biotin to name a few.

Not only to they promote strong and healthier hair growth, but they actively minimise hair loss too. A bottle of this will set you back £28.99 – however, it's actually cheaper to buy the set at £36.99.

Price: Single bottle – £28.99 | Set – £36.99, Amazon – buy here now

2. Aesop Shampoo – 500ml

This shampoo from Aesop is suitable for men with all hair types, not only refreshes the hair but offers a deep invigorating cleanse.

With herbaceous notes of rosemary leaf and tea tree you can be assured that your hair will smell as clean as it looks. Hydrolysed vegetable proteins work together in this formula to prevent hair breakage and promote strong growth.

Price: £33.00, Mr Porter – buy here now


3. MEN-Ü Daily Moisturising Conditioner – 100ml

If you're searching for a conditioner that will give you a long lasting shine, without overwhelming your hair with a heavy product, this is for you.

The super-concentrated formula helps to improve the natural shine of your hair and smoothen texture. Expect your hair to feel silky-smooth after application. A little goes a long way as the bottle aims to deliver up to 100 applications.

Price: £10.45, Mankind – buy here now

4. Aveda Pure-Formance Conditioner – 300ml

Struggle with an irritated scalp? Enjoy a calming conditioning experience with Aveda Pure-Formance. The refreshing formula helps to stimulate hair growth whilst soothing your scalp.

Infused with citrus and organic essential oils, this clinically tested formula is proven to lessen irritation, reduce oiliness and dryness. Be kinder to your scalp – healthy scalp, healthy hair, right?

Price: £23.00, Lookfantastic – buy here now


5. KeraCare Protein Styling Gel – 115g

Much like our bodies, our hair needs regular injections of protein in order to stay healthy. Protein helps to nourish and boost much needed nutrients to the hair strands.

Keracare's Protein styling gel allows you to maintain the shape of curly or waved hair, without leaving your hair feeling greasy or heavy. The non-flaky formula will give you a firm but lustrous hold.

Price: £4.35, Lookfantastic – buy here now

6. Fonex Gummy Hair Gel – 500ml

Gummy is a favourite among men's hair professionals, if you need your hair to stay in place even after a lot of activity, you should invest in a pot of this. Only a pea sized amount is required – this isn't a product that you'll have to keep restocking.

Gummy has a lovely, almost fruity fragrance and is best used on towel-dried hair. The formula is 100% alcohol free, so won't leave your hair feeling dry or brittle. The hold is fairly stark but washes out just as easy as it is applied.

Price: £7.33, Amazon – buy here now


7. Aquafish Fishfingers Wax – 100ml

Despite the name of the wax, this product actually smells of coconuts (and we are very happy to hear that). This wax is an all-round styling product, allowing you to mould, sculpt and shape any style you desire.

This wax is medium hold. The only downside to this is if you are highly active throughout the day you may need another application of it, if not you can be sure it will last the full day. It tackles frizz while leaving your hair looking and feeling smooth.

Price: £5.95, Amazon – buy here now

8. Hair Mud – 100ml

Gold winner at 2018's Beauty Awards, this Ted Baker creation promises a firm and long-lasting hold with a smart, matte finish for both long and short styles.

Enriched with cumin seed extract and olive fruit oil, not only do these essential ingredients help to improve the overall health of your hair but also add depth and texture as well.

Price: £14.00, Tedsgroomingroom – buy here now




9. Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray – 300ml

If you need to hold a hairstyle all day and perhaps well into the following day, look no further. This stuff has a super strong hold that does have a tendency to leave your hair feeling a little hard, although the shine is unparalleled.

If you have thick textured hair that is usually quite hard to hold into a style, a few squirts of this hairspray is all you need for maximum hold. There really is nothing like it, achieving at least four out of five stars on most web reviews; not only for its hold but also its irresistible smell too.

Price: £3.00, Boots – buy here now

10. FUDGE Unleaded Skyscraper Spray – 70g

This hairspray offers support without making your hair feel rigid. Add a few spritz to the hair once styled and this medium hold spray will do the rest for you.

The great thing about this spray is it brushes out easily if you need to change your style last minute. It also washes out very easily unlike most, that require quite a vigorous scrub before all the residue is out. Infused with apple and coconut scents, your hair will smell as good as it looks!

Price: £5.45, Mankind – buy here now

There you have it, a full comprehensive guide on every product you need as part of a healthy hair routine. If you aren't too fussy about styling products, have a read of another one of our guides on some great, affordable shampoo's.

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