Brittany Murphy Was 'Very Insecure' According to the 'Clueless' Casting Director: 'You Just Wanted to Look After Her

Clueless became a hit when it premiered in the summer of 1995. Fans flocked to theaters to see Alicia Silverstone in her best role to date, and the film remains a favorite. Brittany Murphy played a memorable supporting role in the movie, but she was a shy newcomer still making her way in Hollywood. The actor was charming as Tai, a shy newcomer at the fictional Bronson Alcott High. Silverstone’s it-girl Cher befriended Tai and gave her a makeover, putting her on the map at their Beverly Hills school.

Though Murphy soon became a household name, she was still painfully insecure. The Clueless casting director even said of the star: “You just wanted to look after her.”

‘Clueless’ helped launch Brittany Murphy’s career

Marcia Ross was the casting director for Clueless, and more than two decades since the film’s premiere, she looks back with fondness. In fact, Ross can be credited with helping launch Murphy’s Hollywood career before the actor’s untimely death in 2009.

According to Metro, the director describes Murphy as “the sweetest.” Ross knew upon meeting her that she was perfect for the role, and it looks like the casting director made the right choice.

Ross also helped get Silverstone’s and co-star Paul Rudd’s careers off the ground, and they have been wildly successful ever since.

The casting director also considered other big names for roles in Clueless. According to ABC News, they included Jeremy Renner, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Terrence Howard. It’s interesting to think how different the cult classic would have been with a different cast.

The ‘Clueless’ casting director said Murphy was ‘very insecure’

Murphy may have gained confidence over the years, but things weren’t always that way. Metro reports that although she made a great first impression on Ross, the actor was also painfully shy.

Ross shared the heartbreaking memory, saying:

“She was a wonderful girl and a great actress, but she was just very insecure. You just wanted to look after her.”

The casting director added, “She was truly so sweet and very eager to please. I don’t think she realized how incredibly talented she was, but I saw it straight away. She had so much more to give.”

What are Brittany Murphy’s most famous roles?

Fans still remember the day in 2009 when news broke that Murphy died at the age of 32. She had played some notable roles in her short career before succumbing to pneumonia.

ABC News reports that Murphy was extremely talented, having landed the lead role of Lisa in 1998’s David and Lisa.

She also appeared alongside Kiefer Sutherland and Reese Witherspoon in Freeway and the 1997 action film Drive.

In addition, Murphy appeared in 8 Mile with rapper Eminem and gave two of her best performances in Spun and Common Ground.

But her most iconic role remains the insecure new girl who mirrored Murphy’s real-life persona in many ways.

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