Camron Responds to Speculations on His Sexuality for Wearing Pink Clothes

During the tapping of his ‘It Is What It Is’ podcast with co-host Ma$e and special guest Paul Pierce, the ‘Welcome to New York City’ rapper stresses that he is straight.

AceShowbizCam’ron has responded to speculations on his sexuality. Having been believed to be gay by many simply for wearing pink clothes, the “Welcome to New York City” rapper, who is also known as Killa Cam, decided to set the record straight.

On Monday, July 24, the 47-year-old spitter released via Instagram a video of him addressing the issue. In the clip, he was captured having a conversation with co-host Ma$e and special guest Paul Pierce during the tapping of his “It Is What It Is” podcast.

“This all jokes aside, this word to everything I love. Being celebrities and being in the public eye, if you wasn’t nobody, nobody would give a f**k,” the “Hey Ma” rapper pointed out. “You know how long I had to hear, ‘Cam’s gay, he wears pink?’ “

Cam’ron went on to rant, “Bring your mother around, n***a. See if she gives a f**k, n***a. See if your mom gives a whole f**k, n***a. Ill tell her how gay I am. Ill f**k her in the pink mink, n***a. The f**k is you talking bout, n***a?”

Cam’ron’s video post was quickly flooded with responses. In the comments section, one Instagram user stated, “It’s very funny someone would call Cam gay for wearing, when he had the whole world wearing pink for 2 years straight!!! Crazy!!!!” Another chimed in, “S**t I started wearing pink cuz of this n***a. the b***hes loved it.”

A third added, “Killa had the most p***y gettinest n***as wearing pink! And it was no homo involved at all.” A fourth, in the meantime, voiced support by writing, “Nah bro you got some real supporters that will knock it down for you [a smiling face with tears of joy emoji] #PAUSE.”

This was not the first time Cam’ron responded to speculations over his sexuality. A few years prior, he reacted to actor Faizon Love uploading memes of him suggesting that he is gay. In July 2020, Cam released via Instagram a throwback video of Faizon auditioning for gay roles in a movie.

Along with the clip, Cam’ron wrote in the caption, “Now before I post this I have no problem with anybody in the LGBTQ community. I have people from this community in my family/friends/I work with and love ones. I respect all walks of life. With that being said. @faizonlove posted some memes of me being gay. Which I’m not.”

Cam’ron continued, “But this isn’t a meme fat boy. This really u.. #UgotSomeexplainingToDo this the roles u want? I dig it #IaintJudgingTho #UaintOnTrail somebody get him in [‘Brokeback Mountain‘] 2 please. I don’t think he faking.. and did someone creep behind u in this vid? Just askin.”

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