Chiefs' Byron Pringle Gunning For Pringles Sponsorship After Super Bowl Win

Chiefs WR Byron Pringle says now that he’s a Super Bowl champ, he’s the PERFECT candidate to be a rep for Pringles … and he wants the chip co. to reach out to him ASAP!!

“Once you pop, you’re never going to stop. You know?” Pringle tells TMZ Sports.

Of course, 26-year-old Byron’s been angling for this sponsorship for YEARS … he says dating back to high school, teammates and friends have constantly told him he NEEDS to be a rep for the canned chips because of his last name.

And, now that he’s about to add some title bling to his finger … he says he’s ready to get into serious talks.

Pringle tells us his demands in the deal are pretty simple … “some commercials” and “life-long Pringles chips, any flavor” are high on his list.

But, he also says vending machines at his former schools that dispense free Pringles to students would be a sweet add-in as well.

As for his pitch to Pringles and what he’d bring to the company moving forward … he says he’s got star potential on the gridiron.

“Every time I’m in, I’m always making a play,” Byron says. “Doing my assignment in the play, for the play.”

By the way, we had Byron rank the best flavors of Pringles … and Sour Cream & Onion was shockingly not his #1!!!

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