Christy Carlson Romano Went To The Moon In 1969… Again! Watch The Incredible Throwback HERE!

Now this is how you throw it back, y’all!!!

Christy Carlson Romano has been doing her thing on her YouTube channel for a while now, inviting old Disney Channel co-stars and throwback guests from other infamous TV sitcoms and shows from our childhood to come on and chat while she cooks delicious food.

But this… this is even better than that!!!

Along with a few of her old Even Stevens castmates, Christy opted this week to go back to her iconic ‘We Went To The Moon’ classroom scene — and we are loving it!!

Alongside actress Lauren Frost (who played Ren’s best friend Ruby Mendel on Even Stevens) and George Anthony Bell (who played Principal Wexler), Christy literally converted her living room into a classroom and went full-bore into the lunar landing… just like she did on the Disney show nearly 20 years ago!!!

This is so great! Sit back, hit play, and ch-ch-check out the amazing recreation video (above)!!! LOVE it!!!

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