Courteney Cox Says Filming the 'Friends' Reunion Was 'So Emotional'

Could they BE any more nostalgic? After more than a year of waiting, the highly anticipated Friends reunion special for HBO Max has finally filmed. Courteney Cox confirms the news on Thursday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show, after filming on the Warner Bros. sound stage where her iconic sitcom originally filmed. 

“It was unbelievable. It was so emotional. It’s an unscripted reunion, but we got to be on Stage 24 for the first time, all of us in, like, I forgot how many years. 15 years? 17 years?” she shares. 

Host DeGeneres asks if anything came up that Cox hadn’t remembered from her time on the show. 

“Oh god, I have the worst memory. Everything came up that I forgot about,” she jokes. 

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