Duchess Kate & William moved their charity Christmas special from the BBC to ITV

Did anyone know that the Duchess of Cambridge was/is supposed to host a Christmas carol concert next month? I can’t find anything about that even being announced in advance, but now the event is apparently the centerpiece of Prince William and Kate’s grudge with the BBC. Obviously, neither William nor Kate want anyone looking too closely at when and why they were briefing against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. So they’ve very angry that the BBC is airing The Princes and the Press, which details exactly how the palaces were briefing against Meghan and Harry. The BBC didn’t fold, nor did the BBC give William an advanced look at the documentary, even though William stomped his feet and threw a giant tantrum. So now William and Kate have pulled their big “Christmas carol” special from the BBC and given it to ITV:

William and Kate have banned the BBC from screening their Christmas carol concert amid fury over a royal documentary. Instead the charity fund-raiser, hosted by the Duchess at Westminster Abbey, will be shown on ITV.

The Sun understands the Westminster Abbey showpiece will be hosted by the Duchess, with Wills expected to be watching proudly from the audience. Children Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, six, and three-year-old Prince Louis, could even attend — making it perfect festive viewing.

But the couple decided to shun Auntie after it pressed ahead with a two-part documentary claiming Wills had briefed against brother Harry and his wife Meghan. Last night a TV source said of the royal snub to the Beeb: “This is a real coup for ITV. It is a brand new format — the royals have never hosted a televised TV concert before. And to have the Duchess leading on it is a big deal. Naturally most royal programming goes automatically to the BBC as the national broadcaster. Now it looks like they will work more with ITV in the future.”

The source added: “ITV were very surprised but delighted to get the late call offering them this incredible exclusive. It will be a fantastic Christmas carol concert that will be TV gold for viewers at home. It was all arranged to be on BBC1 but it was switched in the last few days because of the terrible row over the documentary. And things are likely to get a lot worse between the Royal Family and the BBC before they get better as the second part of the documentary threatens to go further.”

[From The Sun]

LMAO, William is so salty. I shouldn’t blame William solely – I’ve long believed Kate and her mother orchestrated huge chunks of the smears against Meghan, especially the bridesmaids’ dress fitting story and all of the sh-t about Kate telling off Meghan for asking staff to do some g–damn work. As for this Christmas carol special… like, you know it’s going to be a mess, especially if they expect Kate to actually “host” any part of it. She’s, um, not capable of speaking off-the-cuff or speaking naturally. When they say “host,” they probably mean that she shows up once on stage, awkwardly reads a prepared speech, tosses her hair and shows everyone her Christmas Jazz Hands. Good luck to ITV.

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