Emma Chamberlain Explains the Secret to Her YouTube Success!

Emma Chamberlain is doing things her own way!

The 18-year-old YouTube star has built a massive fanbase thanks to her super real videos on the platform.

Emma chatted with E! Online ahead of VidCon 2019 about how she’s forged her own path on YouTube.

“I’ve noticed a lot of YouTubers (including myself) are focusing more on showing their personality and coming up with unique concepts rather than copying others,” said said. “I feel like what makes me a little different than the rest is my honest and real approach to all of this. I don’t wear makeup when I film, and I don’t wear fashionable outfits. I hang out with the camera like I hang out with my friends, and I think people easily connect with that.”

See Emma Chamberlain in a rare, glammed up moment on the red carpet here!

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