Fascist loser Donald Trump broke his silence after eight full days of pouting

Donald Trump made an on-camera public statement on Thursday, November 5th, roughly 36 hours before Joe Biden was officially declared the winner of the 2020 election. That November 5th evening press conference was completely f–king bonkers, with Trump ranting all kinds of weird conspiracies from behind the White House podium. It would be eight full days before he spoke on-camera again. In those eight days, it became increasingly clear that Trump was, as John Harwood said on CNN, “humiliated.” Trump was unwilling “to face that music publicly, so he’s been hiding out in the White House.”

Trump finally broke his childish silent treatment on Friday afternoon, at the White House. He gave a brief speech which was supposed to be just a general update about the pandemic and vaccines and such. He lied throughout, but I will say this – he seemed very subdued, but like he was still pouting. Still in some kind of weird half-denial state. He didn’t concede. He did offer one weird off-script moment where he seemed to indicate that the next administration would have to deal with the pandemic. He also threatened New York, the entire state, by saying he would withhold the vaccine, possibly because Andrew Cuomo says mean things about the poor fascist baby.

Yeah, as you can see in that clip, the Trump coronavirus team is refusing to work with the panel of experts Biden has put together for his pandemic task force. Which, again, is absurd and infuriating.

Also absurd and infuriating? The Million Nazi March in Washington on Saturday. I don’t know why the Klan decided to do a big national conference after they lost an election so badly, but here we are.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect that many dumbasses to converge in DC. It wasn’t a million people. This Klan rally didn’t get the kind of turnout of the Women’s March. But they still got more people than I thought would show up, by some estimates well over 10,000. Those idiot white folks really are triggered at the thought that a jingoist, baby-caging bigoted racist and rapist won’t be in the White House anymore. And of course those Klansman were still in DC overnight, f–king sh-t up. I’ll tell you a secret as to why the cops didn’t tear-gas and violently clash with these fascist “protesters” – it’s because a significant number of the Klan rally participants are likely off-duty cops.

Trump’s motorcade drove by/through the Klan rally. He was on his way to his golf course.

— Benny Blanco (@benblanco718) November 14, 2020

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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