Jihoon Lee Wants Pity from 90 Day Fiance Fans: When Will I See My Son?!

Just this week, Deavan Clegg revealed Drascilla’s Bell’s palsy diagnosis to worried fans.

Then, Jihoon made his own play for attention, interrupting his Halloween costume pics with a plea for sympathy.

Jihoon Lee obviously enjoyed his Halloween, a cultural tradition that is not widely celebrated in South Korea — even when there’s not a pandemic.

More likely, fans speculate that Jihoon put on a simple costume and elaborate makeup to be Edward Scissorhands for the benefit of his fans.

After all, most 90 Day Fiance viewers and fans are Americans, and Halloween is quintessentially American.

Jihoon posted photo after photo.

But this week, in such close proximity to Deavan’s grim reveal about Drascilla’s diagnosis that many fans raised their eyebrows, Jihoon made a different post.

He shared this pic of his mother with his son, Taeyang.

This is, of course, a throwback pic.

It’s clearly from this year, as you can see that Jihoon’s mother is wearing a mask, meaning that COVID-19 had already hit Korea.

But this dates to before Deavan took her children and fled home to Utah after a scary, lifechanging night.

“When can I see you again?” Jihoon captures the photo.

This caption appears to have elicited a lot of sympathy from some fans, who have told him to not “give up.”

However, it has also rubbed others the wrong way, looking like a calculated ploy for pity from a man who cares more about fan opinions than actually doing anything.

“Insta? A dad would be on a phone and booking a ticket,” one commenter accused.

That same commenter continued: “Figure it out. Instagram isn’t going to give you an answer.”

That last part seems to be the key point to a lot of criticism: why is he making performative posts like this?

“It is Not Deavans responsibility to get her to Korea to see his Father…” another noted.

The commenter added: “It is the Father’s Responsibility to pay for a Airfare and get on a Plane to see his Son.”

That criticism concluded: “If his Country won’t let him that isn’t DEAVANS FAULT.”

“Stop waving your dirty laundry all over Instagram,” another follower demanded.

“If you want to see your kid,” the commenter, suggested, “you have to make it happen.”

And even if he cannot, a lot of people bristle when they realize that someone is trying to play with their emotions to seem more likeable.

Jihoon did reply … showing off the “childish” demeanor that his friends have observed.

“I humbly accept both criticism and support,” Jihoon said, “but baseless criticism will make you bald with my scissorhand.”

He then suggested that fans “watch quietly” and shared that he has been “saving money and growing.”

Of course, that’s what he told Deavan in order to lure her to pack up her life and move to Korea in the first place.

That time, of course, he was lying, telling her that he had saved more because he was impatient to see her even though he couldn’t support her.

Whether he’s telling the truth now or just making a believable sounding excuse is … well, a matter of some debate among fans.

As you may recall, according to Deavan, Jihoon attacked Drascilla late one night, hitting her and ripping out chunks of her hair.

Deavan awoke, heard the scream, and called the police. She says that Jihoon locked himself and Taeyang in a room and threatened to take his son’s life and his own.

After that, Deavan took her children and fled to safety in Utah. Drascilla is now in therapy to recover from a horrific trauma, and Deavan is said to have a great deal of evidence.

Deavan also says that Jihoon tried to hack into her iCloud in order to delete photo and video evidence of Drascilla’s injuries.

Meanwhile, Drascilla has now developed Bell’s palsy, which resembles a paralysis of half of the face. Though uncommon in children her age, the condition is usually a temporary one.

That sweet little girl has had a very rough year, and we will all continue to keep her in our thoughts.

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