Kylie Jenner Shares a Behind the Scenes Video from Her Insanely Extravagant 22nd Birthday Party

While most of us have moved on with our lives ever since Kylie Jenner went on an Italian “super-yacht” extravaganza for her 22nd birthday, do you know who still isn’t over the billionaire’s European vacation? That would be Kylie Jenner herself, who just posted a video montage of the trip on Instagram for all of us plebeians to watch while crying about how dinky our last birthday parties were in comparison.

Kylie captioned the video “Throwback to the most beautiful trip of my life!!! Wish i could turn around time 💗,” and yeah, this vacation looks fun a hell, plus I personally also wish that I could turn around time and somehow befriend Kylie so that I could have come on this trip.

In the post, Kylie and her friends are shown dancing in their bathing suits, doing flips off of the yacht, riding floaties around the ocean, and generally just living their best lives. The video also shows some sweet moments of Kylie and Travis snuggling and walking around with baby Stormi in their arms. Kylie tells the camera, “It gets better with age, people,” and her mom Kris Jenner shares a message for Kylie, saying, “I’m so amazingly blessed to have you as my daughter and to have you call me mommy.” Aw, sweet!

Also sweet? The yellow Hermès Birkin bag that Kris is seen giving Kylie for her birthday, which Daily Mail estimates to be worth at least $25,000. Casual!

Throwback to the most beautiful trip of my life!!! Wish i could turn around time 💗 thank you @amberasaly for this video.

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Now please excuse me while I start saving up to rent a yacht for my next birthday…

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