Piers Morgan HITS OUT after F1 star Lewis Hamilton is queried about his ‘Britishness’

Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, 34, took part in a press conference ahead of his race in the British Grand Prix today. During the conference, a journalist suggested people had queried his Britishness and accent due to him living in Monaco and spending time in America. She asked him: “Why do you think people question your Britishness?” Lewis was taken aback by the question, as he hesitantly replied: “I don’t really know,” before adding he didn’t have a “good answer”.

Absolutely disgusting that anyone is even questioning Lewis Hamilton’s Britishness

Piers Morgan

The racer then went on to say he knew various other racers including Jenson Button who had immigrated to Monaco, claiming “nobody said anything at the time”.

He then acknowledged that when he moved to Monaco people had something to say about it.

Lewis added Britain was where his “heart is” after he spoke of his favourite things in the UK.

He added: “People have the right to their opinions.”

Piers Morgan, 54, shared the clip in view of his 6.5 million followers, telling fans he was disgusted by the question.

He wrote: “Absolutely disgusting that anyone is even questioning @LewisHamilton’s Britishness.

“One of the greatest British sportsmen in history, a man who’s always spoken so proudly of being British, and as he says, someone who’s flown the flag higher than any other Briton in his sport.”

Piers’ comment comes after Lewis questioned why the British Grand Prix was on at the same time as today’s Wimbledon and the Cricket World Cup finals.

He told reporters: “What I don’t understand is why the organisers put the race on the same day as all these other big events. I really don’t understand it.

“But I hope in future that they put this on (its own) – this is such a special weekend that it needs all the focus of the whole country, not just a small amount.

“I think people are going to be switching between channels on Sunday, not sure what to watch.

“Naturally I come here, there’s quite a few of us Brits but we come here to raise the flag and do the country proud, so I’m just going to try to play my part.”

Lewis will target a record sixth victory in his home race at Silverstone from 3.10pm today.

Elsewhere, Piers Morgan branded Megan Rapinoe an “arrogant piece of work” after sharing a video of her signing a ball for a fan at the ESPYS Awards.

In a seven-second clip while signing the ball, American footballer Megan appeared distracted by something in the crowd behind her.

After writing her signature, she then handed the ball back to the young fan but didn’t look at him.

British Grand Prix coverage will be shown live on Sky Sports F1. The Silverstone race will also be aired on Channel 4.

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