Trans Golfer Hailey Davidson Hoping To Talk W/ Caitlyn Jenner, 'Clear Up Some Assumptions'

Hailey Davidson — the transgender golfer aiming to make the LPGA Tour — tells TMZ Sports she’s very grateful for Caitlyn Jenner‘s support this week … but she’s striving to have a further chat with the former Olympian with the hopes that it will help “clear up some assumptions” going forward.

Jenner threw her support behind Davidson on Fox News on Wednesday, saying she believed Davidson — unlike transgender swimmer Lia Thomas — had no unfair advantage over her female opponents because “golf is a totally different game.”

Davidson called Jenner’s backing “awesome” … but tells us she did find at least part of the conversation as a whole “a bit vague.”

Specifically, the 29-year-old, who underwent gender reassignment surgery last year, says she wished Jenner had left out the sweeping assumption that she can still crush a golf ball.

“My big thing is just, I appreciate the love and support, but definitely to clear up some assumptions would be awesome,” she said.

“Because I definitely don’t hit it as far as people say. Like, nowhere close.”

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Davidson said she’s reached out to Jenner in an attempt to have a conversation with her about it all. She’s yet, though, to hear back.

But if the conversation does take place, Davidson tells us she’s hopeful Jenner would hear her out about her golf game … and more.

“I would love to talk to her in regards to more about how we are athletes and her experience may not be everyone’s experience,” she said.

“Everyone’s experiences are different and everyone’s built different. With what she was training to do, yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s pretty big and strong.”

Davidson said she, however, is not necessarily like that. In fact, she tells us after undergoing hormone treatment, she’s lost a ton of power and clubhead speed.

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Ultimately, Davidson said she’s just hoping everyone can one day be treated equally.

“I understand [Caitlyn’s] point that golf is a little different,” she said. “But again, all sports are really the same in the end when it comes to the athlete.”

“I think we just need more of an understanding of what hormones actually do to people by speaking with the actual trans athletes themselves.”

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