Vinny Guadagnino Criticizes Lockdown Orders Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

The ‘Jersey Shore’ star questions why the number of coronavirus cases continues to spike in California and New York, where small businesses and restaurants are being shut down.

AceShowbizVinny Guadagnino has raised a serious question to state governments regarding the latest lockdown orders. Through a series of Instagram Story posts on Tuesday, December 29, the reality TV star demanded an explanation as to why the number of COVID-19 cases is still rising in several states, where strict stay-at-home orders have been put into effect.

“Serious question that’s gonna piss everyone off…Why are cases exploding if everything has been locked down and everyone wears masks?” he began making his point across. Noting that he’s been following the orders, he wrote, “FYI: I wear a mask everywhere and I mostly stay home… so I’m not a denier. Just genuinely curious why cases explode while everyone follows the rules?”

“…and when I say people are following rules I’m referring to all the businesses/restaurants that are shut down and following rules,” he went on arguing. “LA has never opened up gyms/restaurants. NY businesses are locked down again…masked up.. cases EXPLODING.”

“…Florida is wide open and cases are the same there as places with lockdowns?” the “Jersey Shore” star wondered. “What’s going on here. ..again not saying this s**t isn’t real and spreading like wildfire. It’s endemic now. It is spreading, people are dying, and ICU beds are at capacity….with restaurants being locked down…..”

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Criticizing the closing of small businesses and restaurants that he claimed didn’t help slow the spread of the virus, Vinny added, “sooo is closing down their small businesses stopping anything?” He then blamed people who “are having small private gatherings” for the spread of the virus, before questioning the need to shut down small businesses, “…So why shut down small restaurants if ppl gonna do that s**t anyway? Doesn’t make sense to single out these small businesses is all I’m saying. The s**t is still out there spreading, ppl still partying, cases sky rocketing, with or without shutting down little restaurants.”

The 33-year-old then suggested a national lockdown for it to be effective. “If you’re gonna do a lock down that would work, it seems that every state would have to follow the same rules and completely shut down,” he opined. “No travel, Marshall Law type s**t …but that isn’t what’s happening so It’s exploding whether you shut down the small Businesses or not.”

Vinny’s comments have divided social media users, as some tried to make him realize what’s the problem really is. “Not everyone is following the rules. Is he blind ?” one remarked. Another pointed out, “Who’s following the rules? That’s the problem, many are not following them and considering recent anti lockdown antics, the virus is spreading.”

Some people, however, defended him for raising the question. “He do have a Point,” one commented. Someone else added, “People aren’t following the rules tho. But he’s not wrong for asking a question.. Y’all will believe anything the media or government tells you.”

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