17 Actors Who Don't Have Oscars (Yet) — & We Can't Believe It

With the Academy Awards just around the corner, it’s always astonishing to take a look at the list of some of our favorite and most revered actors who have never taken home that coveted golden statuette. The names on the list are very recognizable, and most film fans probably assumed these actors already had an Oscar in their trophy case. Which actors have not won Oscars? The answer might surprise you.

Hopefully, as the years’ progress, many of these names will be checked off the list. It did take Leonardo DiCaprio six nods to get the Academy Award, so actors do have to find patience with the award show process and keep picking good movie roles.

Since the 2023 nominations are getting revealed tomorrow on Jan 24, let’s see which stars have been nominated the most.

Here are some of the most beloved actors in Hollywood who have not yet won an Oscar.

A version of this article was originally published on Jan 2019. 

Glenn Close

Glenn Close is an eight-time Oscar nominee and overdue for the honor. However, anyone can look back at Albert Nobbs, The Big Chill, and Fatal Attraction and know Close is one of the greatest actresses of her time. With four projects in production at the beginning of 2023, we have no doubt she’ll have her time to shine soon enough!

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