19 Unbelievably Cool Things You Can Only See By Traveling The World

1.In China, you can ride this unbelievably long escalator at a subway station in Chongqing.

2.And you can experience unforgettable food presentation like this “chicken sunbathing on the beach.”

3.Even mundane, everyday things in China — like this ornate manhole cover — will make you take out your camera.

4.In Japan, meanwhile, the manhole covers are equally gorgeous.

5.And you can find amazingly long carrots for sale!

6.Go to South Korea, and you’ll see maybe the coolest-looking Starbucks in the world.

7.Then, in Thailand, you might find towels in the men’s room that are folded to look like adorable little suits.

8.You might also drive in a taxi that explicitly forbids passengers from having sex!

9.If you drive in Australia, you might see signs with trivia questions on them to keep you alert in less-populated areas.

10.And in New Zealand you might fly into this airport in Gisborne that has actual trains rumbling across the runway!

11.In Italy, you could shop in this supermarket located inside an old (and glorious) Venice theater.

12.And elsewhere in Italy you could buy these stunningly large lemons!

13.Meanwhile, in France you can shop for Very Bad Kids, which is what they call Sour Patch Kids.

14.Go to Switzerland and you can eat at this burger shop that has “healthy as fuck” on its sign!

15.Visit Germany and you could come across a “puke sink” at a large public event like Oktoberfest.

16.In England, you could sit in this incredible chair carved out of a tree trunk.

17.And you could stand in front of this Rick and Morty house.

18.Meanwhile, in Mexico, you could see dozens of homes painted to make a gorgeous mural.

19.Lastly, travel to Brazil and you’ll be able to gaze upon — LOL — this statue entitled “Nude invisible man.”

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