ATTENTION: Don't Forget To Rub In Your Spray-On Sunscreen

1.Summer is here. Which means the sun is here. Which means sunburns are (unfortunately) here.

2.A lot of y’all will try and be good to your skin by grabbing the spray-on sunscreen, but there’s just one little thing a lot of you aren’t doing…


4.Spraying a light coat of sunscreen on yourself and then cooking in the sun isn’t gonna do more than just make you look like a scoop of Neapolitan ice cream.

5.You need to spray it on as instructed (or spray it in your hands) and then rubbbbb it all over yourself. It’s common sense if you think about it.

6.Don’t just assume it’ll drip down or spread around on its own. UV rays will find a way! They always do.

7.Like, a burn is bad enough, but an uneven burn? Wouldn’t be me.

8.JK, this has been me. We all make mistakes, OK?! Learn from mine.

9.This person tried their best, but the sun did ?? not ?? care ??.

10.Same goes with this person’s poor leg.

11.I’m honestly concerned about your skin and I just want to make sure you’re not out here getting third degree burns because the spray misled you.

12.Spread it like you’re spreading some cream cheese on a bagel.

13.Spread it like like you’re coating every corner of your avocado toast with that green goodness.

14.Spread it like your skin’s future depends on it…

15.…because, well, it does.

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