Chip Shop is making battered Jaffa Cakes – and people are very sceptical

When it comes to food, it seems we just can't stop deep frying things.

From mince pies to Mars bars and Creme Eggs, pretty much anything you like can be coated in batter and plopped down in the hot oil.

And the latest thing to get the calorific treatment is Jaffa Cakes, according to BelfastLive.

Yes, really.

A chip shop in Co Antrim has been offering customers the chance to chow down on battered 'full moons' over the weekend – but not everyone is convinced.

The Railway Chippy is the establishment behind the quirky treat.

A spokesperson for the place said: "They are going down quite well. Some people were a bit sceptical about trying them but once they ate they quite enjoyed it.

"People have already been giving me ideas of what they would like to see at Halloween and Christmas!

"We do these wee random treats, not necessarily to sell them but to see what people think."

They added: "It's definitely got people talking and they are debating whether to try them or not."

The generous team at the chippy dished out the battered Jaffa Cakes for free with every order over the last few days for those who wanted to try them.

And they're not the only ones coming up with unique eats.

It was also recently revealed that a pub in Cambridge had created the ultimate pudding for indecisive people.

The Milton Arms on Milton Road in Cambridge have recently redesigned their menu and are going to be serving a pie inside of a cake to customers this Autumn

The new dessert features a flaky shortcrust pastry cherry pie, baked inside of an indulgent chocolate fudge cake.

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