Coronavirus Pushes Japanese Theme Park To Create Haunted Toilet

After news of Japanese amusement parks encouraging no screaming on roller coasters, a theme park in Japan has been forced to create a haunted toilet due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

With Halloween just around the corner, Lagunasia in Aichi Prefecture, just outside of Nagoya, recently revealed an interesting line up for its “Corona Horror Fest 2020.” Leading the event is the “Horror! Hanako-san of the Toilet” attraction, which is actually based on the story of the ghost of a girl said to haunt restrooms in Japan. Guests will enter the washroom one at a time, with the space being disinfected after each session.

The haunted toilet is part of Lagunasia’s clever plans to get around social distancing efforts in place that make traditional walk-through haunted houses impractical. Tokyo-based horror entertainment company Kowagarasetai helped create new “terror-delivery systems” designed to limit guest contact and congestion.

Another social distancing focused attraction at Corona Horror Fest 2020 is “The Scream Coffin.” Guests are invited to lay in a Japanese-style casket fitted with a viewing window that invites supernatural creatures to get up close and personal without being in direct contact.

The Corona Horror Fest 2020: the Scream Coffin even will be on from October 3 to December 6 at Lagunasia.

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