Go On MSN Messenger And We'll Tell Your Most Lovable Trait

  1. MSN / BuzzFeed[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]It’s just my first and last name, I like to keep things simple
  2. MSN / BuzzFeed*´¯`*.¸¸.*´¯`*PrincessPower *´¯`*.¸¸.*´¯`*I ❤ SM 4EVA (u no who u r) ❤ ❤ ❤dOn’T tRy 2 FigUrE mE oUT, jUst lUv mE 4 WhO i aM✞✞✞ only god can judge me ✞✞✞Rawr!! thats how dinosaurs say iLoveYou <3Are we growing up or just going down?
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  4. MSN / BuzzFeed

    Via MSN

    Via MSN

  5. MSN / BuzzFeed
    Via RCA / Columbia

    “Girlfriend” by Avril LavigneVia RCA / Columbia

    Via Nappy Boy / Konvict /Jive

    “Buy U A Drank” by T-PainVia Nappy Boy / Konvict /Jive

    Via American King Music / Capitol Records

    “This Is Why I’m Hot” by MimsVia American King Music / Capitol Records

    Via Fueled by Ramen

    “Misery Business” by ParamoreVia Fueled by Ramen

    Via Fueled by Ramen

    “Sugar We’re Going Down” by Fall Out BoyVia Fueled by Ramen

    Via Mosley / Blackground / Interscope

    “The Way I Are” by TimbalandVia Mosley / Blackground / Interscope

  6. MSN / BuzzFeedNudging themPutting them into a group chat with all your friendsRepeatedly logging in and outSending them a risky message, then saying “my friend wrote that”Telling your friend to message them on your behalfSending them a request to chat on webcam
  7. MSN / BuzzFeedAccidentally messaging the wrong personNot realising your mum is reading over your shoulderAccidentally playing a cringey song on your profileTelling someone you’re going offline, but then talking in a group chat that they’re inGetting banned from sending nudges because you’ve sent too manyAccidentally staying logged in on a public computer

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