Hiroshi Fujiwara's fragment design Applies Its Signature to VanMoof's S3 e-Bike

Hiroshi Fujiwara‘s fragment design and the Dutch e-bike pioneer VanMoof might seem worlds apart, but the two have more in common than you’d first think. Fujiwara, who’s often cited as the godfather of streetwear, echoes the technological and aesthetic leaps and bounds VanMoof has made in the bicycle department, and now its S3 model e-bike has been given the fragment rework.

Much like Fujiwara, the e-bike has seen a growing cultural footprint, moving into traditional spaces and subsequently bringing them into a new era. The two also share a similar aesthetic, one centered around clean and minimal touches that play to the IYKYK audience.

The collaborative e-bike, then, is the perfect marriage. Deep gloss black has been applied all over the frame, with fragment design’s signature lightning bolt logo adorning the downtubes alongside two white race stripes. More branding in fragment design’s usual technical form can be found underneath the saddle towards the rear LED light, and a touch of branding from Dover Street Market can be found beneath the saddle and along the downtube, while large block branding on the frame rounds out the design.

Of course, the collaborative e-bike comes packed with all of VanMoof’s latest technology, including Turbo Boost for instant acceleration, automatic electronic four-gear shifting, integrated hydraulic brakes, a keyless Kick Lock, and anti-theft devices.

fragment design’s VanMoof S3 collaboration is debuting exclusively at Dover Street Market London on October 13 and will be in-store until October 17. Only six are available and each of them will cost £2,248 GBP (approx. $2,490 USD), and can be secured via a raffle on the DSML website with a launch on October 14.

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