Jennifer Garner Totally Geeked Out Over the Schitt's Creek Cast, and Who Can Blame Her?

Jennifer Garner is one step away from a stay at the Rosebud Motel. The actress got a chance to geek out over a virtual chat with the Schitt’s Creek cast on Aug. 19, and let’s just say, this is the collaboration we need and deserve in 2020. Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, and Annie Murphy gave Garner a little insight into the final season of their PopTV show — including the emotional last days of filming.

Garner related the Roses’ last onscreen hurrah to her own experience wrapping up Alias in 2006. She tearfully admitted she still hasn’t watched the series finale because “goodbyes are so hard.” The Schitt’s Creek crew can relate to these emotional farewells, which blur the lines between fiction and reality. “Those tears are not fake tears. Those are very real tears. I think you can basically see Annie Murphy and Dan Levy. It’s not David and Alexis. It’s the two of us having a real cry,” Murphy said, thinking back to the last episode. “It was kind of the perfect way to end everything.”

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