Jennifer Lopez cut in forehead after hitting microphone on stage

Jennifer Lopez can now say she gives her “blood, sweat and tears” to please the audience.

On Monday (July 8), the 49-year-old singer posted a YouTube video that tracked a screw-up on stage in Las Vegas last month.

She was cut in the forehead after she hit a microphone while dancing and got the choreography wrong.

While the video does not show the moment of impact, she is heard saying in a pained voice that “I just looked to the side at the wrong time”.

“I was bleeding – (blood) coming down my face,” she told fiance Alex Rodriguez.

But he managed to soothe her, saying: “You showed why you’re a champion. You were down and you still came back up and had the best show.”

She was unconvinced, saying: “Why am I messing them up? Like one (dance) step here or things I never forget.”

He firmly replied: “Nobody’s looking at steps. People are looking at how beautiful you look and how great you sound.”

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