Meta’s Threads Is Getting a Desktop Version

Last month, Meta debuted its Twitter competitor, Threads. Available on both iOS and Android, the company began ideating a text-based platform of its own around the time Elon Musk acquired Twitter in October. Not long after, the launch of Threads was seemingly pushed forward when Musk announced a cap on how many Tweets users could view without paying.

Since rolling out in July, Threads has quickly assembled a loyal user base. Mark Zuckerberg is now angling to expand its usage by bringing Threads to the web. The platform isn’t available in desktop form just yet, but Zuckerberg ensures users it will arrive in the coming days.

The Meta CEO also shared a down-to-earth snapshot of him working on the web version of Threads.

“Actual footage of me building Threads for web,” he captioned the image. “Rolling out over the next few days.”

 Post by @zuckView on Threads


To sign up for the platform, users must have an Instagram account and their same handle will carry over to Threads. By default, Instagram and Threads accounts will share the same profile pic and display name as well.

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