PLATEAU STUDIO Presents "Friday in Love" Collection for FW21

PLATEAU STUDIO is a Taipei-based streetwear label founded in 2019, known for its bold avant-garde designs. For FW21, the studio is back with a “Friday in Love” series, offering a refreshing break from normalcy and an ode to independent thought.

“From childhood to most of us, we have been walking the same path, studying hard, and growing up to make a lot of money. Even pop culture imitates the United States and Japan, and we are afraid that we will fail if we are different from others… Ignorance is undoubtedly the normal life of young people nowadays. We always have to repeat, correct and move forward again and again. However, only Friday is different. Friday is a happy and unruly day,” Plateau notes in a statement. The label hopes to channel the love and spirit of Friday to break through the current system and create a more diverse and exciting planet.

The assortment incorporates a variety of jackets, knitwear, blazers, and bottoms. Highlights include the MA-1 jacket with curved panel detailing, a two-toned maroon striped blazer, a cream pink blouse in loose-knitted mesh, a varsity jacket in green and white, and flared silk trousers.

Browse the eclectic collection in the lookbook above.

PLATEAU STUDIO’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection is expected to arrive on the brand’s official website and select retailers sometime in September. Stay tuned to the PLATEAU STUDIO Instagram for release information.

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