So, This New Video of Harry Styles Performing "Kiwi" Earlier in the Year Is . . . Really Hot

Harry Styles has been in the news quite a lot this week, as you may or may not have noticed. Why? Because he is a precious pop star who takes us on vacation via music video one minute, and feeds a fan’s fish the next. Perhaps inspired by these random acts of Styles, SiriusXM has begun sharing additional footage from its secret concert with the charming singer back in February. One performance video, which dropped on Thursday, however, is simply Too Much.

In addition to singles off his sophomore album, Fine Line, Styles also dipped into the archives to perform songs off his first, self-titled release — one of them being “Kiwi.” Oh, “Kiwi.” The nonsensically titled, famously sexy track (“I’m having your baby, it’s none of your business,” goes the chorus) is a favorite among fans, and this more recent performance of it offered yet another reminder as to why.

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