6 Features That Make Rolls-Royce Cars So Expensive

Every Rolls-Royce comes with many unique features that make these cars so expensive.

Rolls-Royce is originally a British manufacturer of luxury automobiles. Most billionaires are known to have at least one Rolls-Royce in their exquisite car collection. But this automobile is not just a status symbol. The high value of Rolls-Royce cars is widely recognized in the market of luxury automobiles.

The German automobile company, BMW, had to pay $65 million to get full rights on this British company. The most attractive feature of a Rolls-Royce Car is the level to which the automobile can be customized to suit the buyer’s needs.

The team at Rolls Royce makes it clear that every car is exclusive. If a customer gets inspired by one particular model and asks for the same finish, they will require to seek the original buyer’s permission. Thus, it is a given that your Rolls-Royce will be one of a kind. This is because even though another customer asks for the same color coating for their vehicle, the interiors are specially personalized to give a homely feeling.

“In fact there isn’t really a specific base price which we would discuss because it depends on each customer as an individual and the bespoke options, which they like to design and develop with the Rolls-Royce bespoke team.” was posted on Life Beyond Sport.

Moreover, the luxury and extravagance that the Rolls-Royce exudes goes without denying. The following are the high-end features that make the Rolls Royce cars so expensive.

6 The Extraordinary Soundproof System

One of the unique features of the Rolls-Royce is its soundless driving mechanism. The automobile manufacturer equips the vehicles with 300 pounds of insulation around the cabin to produce this effect of a virtually silent ride.

This worked so effectively at the beginning that eventually, the makers had to remove some of the soundproofing mechanisms to offer a more natural sensory experience to the buyer. Thus, this brand promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle by curbing noise pollution to a considerable extent.

5 Exquisite Color Coating Procedures

Every Rolls-Royce motor goes through a long and meticulous process of color coating. This is part of the customizing procedure that Rolls-Royce makes available for its buyers. It is not just the simple process of color coating because even before choosing the shade, it is a long and careful process.

Sometimes buyers want their car to have the color shade of the most extraordinary things, for example, the color of their pets’ fur. In that case, the color shade is produced using DNA material to get the exact variant. Even in the color coating process, seven coats of colors are used.

4 The Artwork On The Dashboard

The Rolls-Royce Phantom comes with a dashboard that can be a gallery of artwork as wished upon by the buyer. In this case, too, the DNA of the buyer can be coordinated to produce expected results.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom model’s dashboard has been curated by famous artists who the buyers had commissioned. From gold-plated artwork to 3-dimensional printing on stainless steel, custom designs have been produced using the buyer’s DNA replica.

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3 The Mind-blowing Embroidery On The Upholstery

Another area of customization in the Rolls Royce is the embroidery in the upholstery. Customers have been experimental in this sphere as well. But the most successful product is considered to be the Rolls-Royce Rose Phantom with its stunning embroidery work.

There are various steps of hard but intelligent work that the embroidering procedure involves. Far from being just about turning a print into a stitch, it is about more technical aspects like the reflection of light and the stitch’s angle.

2 A Star-Studded Headliner

Rolls-Royce cars come with star-studded headliners designed to create an exquisite ambiance. These starlight headliners are made by perforating more than 1000 holes with fiber optic thread, and it is undoubtedly a lengthy procedure.

Most buyers tend to customize even this part of the project. Sometimes, they ask the creators to create particular constellations or shooting star effects. Some are even known to customize it as per their birth constellations.

1 Exclusive Features Of Special Models

Buyers come up with innovative ideas to make their Rolls-Royce look exclusive. One buyer is reported to have made the demand for a diamond-studded car finish. The Rolls-Royce, with their excellent executives, made this happen by crashing several real diamonds and mixing them with the color shade to add the shine that was asked for.

Famous American rapper, Drake, is known to own one of Rolls-Royce’s select models. But the most expensive model that has been designed to date is the Sweptail. Other fancy aspects that provide a unique finishing touch to the Rolls Royce vehicles are the logo and the Spirit Of Ecstasy ornament.

Although smart cards are making a steady entry into the automobile market, nothing can replace a Rolls-Royce. The Sultan of Brunei owns a collection of 500 Rolls Royce models, which is by far the world’s most extensive collection. Most billionaires own at least one personalized version of Rolls-Royce. It almost seems mandatory to have a Rolls Royce in their armada of supercars and luxury automobiles.

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